RBS Online Backup Consulting Services

Remote Backup Systems offers help directly from the online backup experts at RBS and through our network of experienced and successful online backup Service Providers. We offer a range of consulting services covering all aspects of running a successful Online Backup Service.

Since 1987 Remote Backup Systems has built many successful businesses worldwide addressing the full range of our Service Providers' needs. RBS Consulting Services focuses on driving business value through technology innovation while transferring knowledge, satisfying customers, and collaborating with our Service Providers.

RBS Consultants have unique access to internal Remote Backup knowledge and resources. To provide the highest possible levels of service and expertise and to help customers attain their business and technology objectives our consultants work closely with RBS product development and key management to ensure the success of a project. Our services include:

  • Sales Training - We can assist in the training of your sales force, giving them a jumpstart to hit the street selling more RBS services quicker.

  • Technical Support Training - We can train your Technical Support team, making them experts in much less time. We can have them completing most Client installations in under five minutes, and handling the toughest technical problems with ease.

  • Custom Programming - Through RBS Development Services we offer custom programming for PlugIns, special reporting, web-based sign-up systems with credit card processing, special modifications to our core software, and other non-standard features that your company needs in its technology.

  • RBS Web Site Development - Partnering with one of the most experienced and creative Web development teams in the RBS business, we can assist you in developing customized web sites that can sell, deliver, and bill your customers automatically.

  • Teleconferences to Assist Sales - RBS can teleconference with your Sales people and prospective clients during sales meetings, often providing the quick answers and on-the-spot expertise that will be key in closing those big deals for you.

  • Custom Configuration Services - Sometimes you want your RBS Client software to be custom configured for specific clients or groups of clients. We can set up default installation options for you, modify the splash screens and "about" screens on your Client software, set up custom schedules and file sets, and more. Although our software allows you to do all these things yourself, you may want to have it done by our professionals with years of experience, and spend your valuable time setting up your business and making sales.

  • Server Remote Installation - Let our experts install your RBS Server and tweak it for top performance. This is often one of the most difficult tasks when starting out your Remote Backup Service. We can recommend hardware, network connectivity, and backup strategies that fit your business plan and budget.

  • Server Monitoring - We can monitor your RBS Server 24x7x365 and notify you by EMail or Pager if it goes offline. Our Monitoring Service tests your RBS Server once every three minutes and contacts you within one minute of detecting a problem with your Internet connection or Server.

  • Business Plans - RBS can help you with your Business Plan. We've seen (literally) thousands of RBS businesses start up, and many of them succeed to the owner's satisfaction. We know how to start and operate Remote Backup Services, and maybe more importantly, we know which pitfalls to avoid. We can help you write a Business Plan that will keep your business on track and allow you to seek financing.

  • Marketing Plans - Market conditions vary widely for Service Providers in different geographic locations, addressing different clientele, with varying roll-out plans and financial needs, and with different technical and marketing infrastructure. RBS invented Remote Backup, and has seen hundreds of Marketing Plans that have succeeded and many that have failed. Our expertise can help you succeed.

  • Other Services - Our other services include lead development, sales development, press releases,CRM setup and training, direct end user support, integration with other software (Client and Server,) website design and hosting, graphics and logo design, and even complete management of your RBS Server.

  • On-site or Our Site - Most of our RBS Consulting Services can be delivered at your site either through teleconferencing or travel, or at our site by having you visit us in Memphis.

    RBS Consulting Services are billed hourly or by the day, and range from $100/hour to $500/hour ($800 to $3000 per day) plus expenses, depending on the RBS consultant who delivers your services.

    Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


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