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How to Use the RBackup Live Demo

Click Here for the Live Demonstration Server

The RBackup Live Demonstration Server with Web Manager and E-Commerce PlugIn is the same software you can buy from Remote Backup Systems to operate your own Remote Backup Service (except that you cannot edit the Admin or Group settings in the Live Demo.)

...just as it will work on your own hardware.

You can log into the Admin and Group accounts by selecting the My Account tab and logging in like this:

Administrator (Service Provider) login: admin / password
Group Manager login: / password
The RBackup Live Demo has been configured with three live free trials, one for each of the three Client Editions - Server, Workstation, and Personal. It will not ask for payment for the free trial accounts. You can sign up for them and use them to do backups and restores.

The Live Demo also has a paid plan that accepts and authenticates (but does not charge) a credit card. It also accepts (but does not charge) PayPal payments. This will let you see how the E-Commerce PlugIn handles paid accounts.

RBackup v11 with 100 Credits and higher comes standard with the Web Manager, which includes the fully customizable website you are using in the Live Demo, and all the other features described on the page at this link.

The Live Demo also includes our optional E-Commerce PlugIn, which fully integrates with the Web Manager for a complete end-to-end web based solution for user registration, billing, credit card processing, software deployment, and tiered management. Accept credit card payments through, Payflow Pro, PayPal, and manual processing. More on the E-Commerce PlugIn here...

Explore the Admin and Group menu system. Select the live Monitor to watch the system doing backups and restores. Sign up for a free account and log in as a User to see how the Web Restore works.

Look at the Orders screen to see REAL ORDERS that have been placed with the system. Run some reports on the live data. Look around the Coupons section. Explore the many ways you can set up Service Plans, and the robust client customization and branding features.

What's the difference between the Web Manager and the E-Commerce PlugIn? The Web Manager, when used without the E-Commerce PlugIn, is designed to be used only by the Service Provider to manage the RBS Server and user accounts, and by Group Managers to manage users in their accounts. It is a 90% replacement for the RBS Manager application which runs on the RBS Server computer, simply moving most of its functionality into a web interface.

The E-Commerce PlugIn fully integrates with the Web Manager to add web-based software distribution, credit card processing, online ordering, order tracking, billing, coupons, reporting, and an end user console.

We hope you find RBackup the most powerful, most integrated, most cost-effective solution for your online backup service. RBS is the most experienced company in the space, in business since 1987. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our software, the Live Demo, or the Remote Backup industry in general.

Download a Fully-Functional 15-Day Trial Version!

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