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Linux Backup

Linux backup software has traditionally been limited to tar, Amanda, and rsync-type programs and other processes designed for backup of Linux machines. As Linux gains popularity, particularly in the enterprise server market, more companies are producing software products that are either compatible with or specific to this platform. Linux backup is growing in importance as market share increases.

RBackup supports Linux backup via mapped drive from a Windows box running our client software. You can simply install the RBackup client on a Windows machine located in the same network as the Linux resource you’d like to back up, and map a drive to that machine. Once the drive is viewable, the Linux backup can be included as the primary or as a secondary backup set within the RBackup client software.

Configuring a Linux backup in this fashion provides the functionality of a resource-dedicated client, including specific settings for file selection, retention, scheduling, treatment of unique files, and many more. The software is capable of serving double-duty in this configuration by providing backup for the host Windows machine AND the Linux backup, each with its own settings and schedule. In addition to Linux backup, the mapped-drive configuration described above enables the backup of Mac resources and virtually any other platform that the client can see across the drive.

Although Windows still dominates the OS market, Linux is gaining in market share and importance. RBS has years of experience in configuring Linux backup across our thousands of service providers and their clients. If you have further questions about how we support Linux backup, please give us a call or drop us an email.

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