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Web Backup

Back in the mid-eighties, not many companies were thinking ahead to the movement of mass amounts of data across distributed networks. The concept of web data movement was in its infancy, and the idea of web backup hadn’t even been launched yet. In fact, most of the world was waiting and watching to see what the new ‘net’ would look like.

Though ARPANET nodes came online as early as August of 1969, and rudimentary email programs appeared as early as 1972, the challenges of the day were in defining and enabling the network, not necessarily in ensuring the safety or sustainability of the data it created. Indeed, it was not until the advent of the first computer virus which totally disabled the ARPANET system in August of 1980 that anyone began to pay attention to the vulnerabilities of digital data.

Today, web backup is one of the most popular ways to backup critical computer data and files. Companies and households alike are taking advantage of high-speed connections to the internet and backing their data and files up to offsite servers, automatically. It is entirely possible to move massive amounts of data over the internet, and with the advent of bit backup technology, to maintain these huge data sets using binary patching - eliminating the need for periodic massive file transfers. What was once thought to be impossible has now become mainstream technology, and we aren’t finished innovating yet.

Remote Backup Systems, Inc. designed the world’s first remote backup software for microcomputers in the late eighties. What started as a ‘basement project’ of our founder and CEO Rob Cosgroveis still in a constant state of refinement today, and has grown to be the world’s most popular commercial grade online backup software. In use by over 7000 organizations in 65 countries worldwide, RBackup Remote Backup software is the de-facto ‘pro’s choice’ software solution for offering commercial online data backup services.

Contact us to receive clear and concise information about our online backup software, and to download a trial version of the software that defined an industry - and still leads it today.

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