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How RBS Online Backup is Better - A little straight talk...

When you found Remote Backup Systems in one of the search engines, you also found a few other companies that compete with us. And, you found a lot of companies who provide online backup services - most of them are using our software. But, there are only three who try to compete with RBS by offering what they call a "complete solution" for software that you can use to offer remote backup services.

Here's why we are better.

  • Simple All-Inclusive Pricing
  • Lowest-Price Guarantee (More Info...)
  • Perpetual License - No Ongoing Costs
  • Maintenance Fees NOT Required
  • RBS is a highly responsive U.S.A. Company
  • One RBS Server can support 6,000+ Clients
  • Only One Windows CAL Required for Server
  • Easy Licensing. No Complicated "MCALS"
  • Easy to Reach Tech Support
  • Our Service Providers are the Most Successful
  • Unlimited Exchange Mailboxes
  • Mailbox-Level Restore
  • Web Restore, Local Data Store
  • Bulk Load & Bulk Restore
  • Backs up Open and Locked Files
  • SQL Server, Sharepoint, Outlook
  • Active Directory, System State
  • Full Client Remote Control
  • Lowest Price Guarantee: We will beat any competitor's price for a comparable software package. Our list prices are already lower than our competitors' for comparable software packages. However, RBS will beat even their "special" prices. Just send us a written quote and we will beat it. (Conditions apply. Click here for details.)

    The three companies who compete with RBS are all foreign-owned. Only one of them has an office in the US. The other two are in India and China. They are not open during US business hours (Editors Note 12 Feb 2010: Our colleague in India corrected this for us, and we have verified it. Their business office is open during US business hours. We are still waiting for verification that their support department is open.)

    RBS founded the Remote Backup industry in Memphis, Tennessee in 1987. The company is still owned by founder of the company (and the Industry), Rob Cosgrove. You can still pick up the phone and talk with him about online backup. Rob literally wrote the book on the Remote Backup business. First published in 1987, Rob's definitive book on the industry was recently completely re-written and updated, and published in February 2010. More info here...

    Here's the deal. The Remote Backup business is a really good business to get into right now. ESPECIALLY right now. There's a lot of buzz out there about the business, and the public has accepted the fact that Remote Backup is the best way to back up. It's easy for most Service Providers to sell their services, and competition is still low.

    True, there are a lot of online backup services out there. But, there are MILLIONS of personal computers, and hard drives are just getting older and failing more often these days. Everyone knows someone who has lost data that could have been saved by a remote backup service.

    With your own software, in regional, local, or national vertical markets, those really-cheap mass-market services can't compete with you. RBS software does much more than theirs, and you can configure it to be exactly what you want. Therefore, you can charge far more for your service.

    With four players in the market, it's getting more confusing to pick the right Remote Backup software for your company. Sifting through the BS (and there's a lot of it) takes a time and research. Our competitors, unfortunately, muddy the water with misinformation about our company (after all, we are the 800 pound guerilla in this business, so we're used to the arrows), taking swipes at us in competitive documentation they send out.

    Luckily for you, RBS has done the research, and we keep it current. We shop our competitors regularly. We know what propaganda they are sending out. We know that 1/3 to 1/2 of it is false, even when they talk about each other. We know their prices, and we know how low they are willing to go when they negotiate pricing.

    We have bought their software, and we know exactly how good (or bad) their customer support is. We talk to their customers, and we know what they are saying, good and bad, about them. We keep track of their development schedules, their technical support issues, their bugs, and their customer complaints.

    Because the BS is so hard to sift through, many people looking into the business give up trying, assume all online backup software and companies are the same, and buy simply on price. Until October 4, 2007, RBS was the second most expensive solution in our market. That left a lot of people buying inferior software simply because they thought it cost less. Then we would hear from them after a few months when they came back and took advantage of our competitive upgrades.

    So, on October 4 we lowered our prices, shuffled our software packages around, and changed our support policies to match or beat our competitors. Now we're not only the best Remote Backup solution (as we always were), but we are also the most affordable.

    We are willing to prove it, too. We have compiled a lot of information that you can use to compare us with the other companies. We have current price comparisons, feature comparison matrixes, and real-world business scenarios that will prove our point. And just to prove there's no BS here, we invite you to call up our competitors and check it out for yourself. If you find something incorrect in our documentation, we will gladly check it out ourselves and correct our comparisons.

    We can show you how the supposedly least expensive company is really the most expensive - by far. You'll find out the real difference between getting support from a company in China and getting support from the USA. We'll even phone them and see if we can get anyone to answer. Find out the important secrets that one company doesn't want you to know about just how many successful customers they really have. We can show you how you are simply being lied to. Those are strong words, we know. But, you've read this far, so we think you want to hear straight talk.

    Here are just a few of the things you'll learn about RBS.

  • You'll have lower costs, higher profits, more satisfied customers
  • Open Exchange Folder-level and SQL Database-level backups and restores STANDARD (others charge as much as $99/client or $1/mailbox). Ours is better, at no extra price.
  • MUCH lower ongoing costs.
  • FAR superior software - more features, faster, easier
  • Quicker time to market, quicker time to PROFIT
  • MUCH better support from an American company
  • Backup DNS and Server Locator
  • FREE Access to Emergency Backup Servers
  • We are the ONLY U.S. owned and operated Remote Backup software company.
  • We INVENTED the RBS business in 1987. We even coined the term, "Remote Backup". Our vast experience producing successful, profitable long-term commercial RBS businesses has been proven with over 8,500 RBS Servers and more than a million Clients in more than 64 countries - MANY times more than all our competetors combined.
  • Our Technical Support is quickly available live during business hours and through our automated support system and by EMail 24x7. Emergency tech support is available with a 4 hour guaranteed callback after hours for a fee.
  • We speak English, Hindi (and many other Indian dialects) and Spanish. We answer emails usually within a few minutes (during business hours 9-5 US Central Time), and you can quickly speak with a helpful RBS expert on your first call to our toll-free number 9-5 Central Time.
  • Our company is bigger, and has far more support and development resources than any other in our marketplace.
  • Our Multi-Award Winning software and business model was developed through many years of trial and error out of the experience of thousands of successful Remote Backup Service Providers. We know, better than anyone else, how to make YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESSFUL.
  • Here's an excerpt from Rob Cosgrove's Blog Entry entitled, "Why do Some Online Backup Companies Fail?" This is Reason Number Seven, and it illustrates one of the big differences between "us" and "them."

    7. They select a software company to partner with based solely on the software itself, or its price. New Online Backup companies who do not have access to good, solid, tested business, sales and marketing advice from their software partner fail at a much higher rate than our service providers do.

    So, they are often left with software that might be able to do the job, but a software partner with little experience in the business, who can't give them the valuable business advice and resources that could make them successful.

    New Service Providers should select a company with years of experience, with thousands of successful Service Providers.

    I'll tell you a secret, just between you and me. I've bought the software of all my competitors, and I have signed up with them as a Service Provider partner. So, I have logins to their online forums. I once went on the forums of all three competitors and posted the following question. "Does anyone here have more than 500 paying clients?" I got no answer. I waited weeks for an answer, then asked again with no response. I posted the question again in different terms, "What's the most number of clients anyone here has?" I got answers to that one - 23, 10, and 14.

    By contrast, Remote Backup Systems has Service Providers with 13,000 clients, 6,000 clients, 3,500 clients and more. It is very common for our Service Providers to have well over 500 paying clients. What's the difference, then, between RBS and our competitors? Well, we think our software is better, but the main reasons are probably our experience in the industry, our willingness to pass on our experience to our Service Providers, and the willingness of our successful Service Providers to share their experience with new Service Providers.

    Here's an example of the kind of help you can get from RBS that you can't get from our competitors.

    New service providers sometimes phone me for advise, "I have a perfect website. The software is working fine. I've even sent a bulk mailing to businesses in my area."

    "Good. How many pieces did you send in your mailing?" I'll ask.

    "Five hundred," they'll say.

    "And how many phone calls did you get from that mailing?"

    "Only seven!"

    "And did you follow up by phone with all 500? Did you send that bulk mailing out to the same list several more times?"

    "I was supposed to do that?"

    OK, here's a quick primer on direct mail, just as an example of the kind of advise you'll get from RBS that you will not get from our competitors, because they just don't know.

    Seven responses to a properly designed first mailing of 500 pieces is about normal. It's about a 1.5% response rate. Be happy with that. If you want more responses, send more mailing pieces. Direct mail is simply a numbers game. If done right, with the proper follow-up, you can count on the normal percentage of sales. There are many things you can do that can increase your response rate to as high as 5% and beyond.

    The average sale requires six contacts with a prospect. A contact can be a mailing piece, an email, a phone call, an ad, or anything else that makes a prospect notice your company. Personally, I like sending four mailing pieces about a week apart, followed up by phone calls no longer than one week after a mailing has arrived. Address your mailing to an individual, by name, at a company. Do not address it to "President" or any role-based address like that.

    How do you know the mailings have arrived? You salted your mailing with two of your own addresses (your home and office), and with two known bad addresses. When you get your two pieces back in the mail, most of the mailing has been delivered. When you get the bad addresses back (because you sent your mailing by first class post with a hand-placed stamp and hand-addressed envelopes, which increases your response rate by about .5% - 1%), all your pieces have been delivered.

    You can start calling as soon as you get your first two pieces delivered to your address. One inexperienced caller can make about 60 phone calls a day (experienced - about 100), so don't send more mailings than you can follow up on within a reasonable amount of time after the mailings arrive. You want to be able to refer to your mailing piece while it's fresh in your prospect's mind.

    In the campaign I described here, you have four weeks to make phone calls, beginning about two days after the first mailing is sent. That's 20 days at 100 calls a day, so one caller should be able to service a campaign of 2000 mailing pieces sent once a week, resulting in about 50 new clients in the first month.

    These are average numbers based on many years of experience selling online backup services. Your results will vary, depending on many factors. The campaign I described here is by no means a complete description of what you should do. For example, we didn't talk about testing your mailing piece or your price, or designing your phone script, or the many simple ways you can increase your ROI.

    I simply wanted to give you an example of the kind of support you can expect from RBS, which you will not get from any other company. Don't ignore this difference! I have seen Online Backup companies fail miserably simply from lack of proper business support from their software partner.

    You can ask RBS if Google Adwords works. We know the answer to that, in great detail. Ask us if radio ads work. Ask us to help you design the best way to sell your service to Dentists. Ask us how to double or triple your ROI for a particular campaign. Ask us whether it's best to call on prospects in person, or if the phone is OK. We know these answers. Our competitors often don't.

    Here's a Tech Support complaint that we found on one of our competitors' Tech Support forums (Sep 2, 2009) This is an example of the difference between the way our competitor handles software licenseing and the way RBS handles it.

    We just purchased in September 15 V3 CALS which should have given us 180 MCALS to use for the year.

    We have 4 servers being backed up. ! without advanced plug ins and 3 with.

    September looked right with 13 being used as the exchange plug in's hadn't run yet. October however should have brought the total down by 15 but it didn't. Instead it took all of the remaining MCALs and now I'm getting errors that I don't have enough licenses to perform the backup. It looks like it's choosing random numbers for Novemeber. The one that has no plugins is showing 10 MCAL's used. Others are showing 32 MCAL's etc. So in short I've spent for CAL's that are all used up in one month.

    WHAT!? MCALS? V3 CALS? NOVEMBER? WHY DID MY BACKUP SERVICE JUST STOP?! CUSTOMERS ARE CALLING! The smallest of our competitors has a very complicated licensing system that makes Service Providers have to keep track of licensing units which they call (variously) MCALs, CALs, and SPEUs, which expire monthly, and which are used up by running various features of the software. For example, clients who want to back up Exchange use up more MCALS. Installing the software on a Windows Server 2003 uses up more MCALS. It is very difficult to predict how many you need in advance. Running out will shut down your backup server (and your entire business), or cause your clients' backups to stop running, generating a tech support call to you, and an angry customer.

    When you buy RBS software, it's yours on a perpetual license. You pay one time for all your features, and never worry about your software running out of gas.

    Contact the Sales Department or phone us for copies of our competitive analysis, and for frank discussions about RBS, our industry, and all the players in it. Even if you buy from one of our competitors, you will buy from them knowing where all the pitfalls are. Maybe you can avoid them. You'll also know far more about the actual business of Remote Backup than you can get anywhere else. A conversation with RBS can make you more successful in the business, whether you use our software or not. Call us.

    We invented the industry. We know the most about it. We'll share it with you.

    Toll Free: 800-519-7643
    Phone: 901-405-1234

    CONDITIONS FOR LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE: The competitive software's primary intended use must be for operating a commercial online backup service, and it must have been advertised as such for at least six months. Don't be unreasonable - comparison must be apples-to-apples, with software packages that have reasonably similar features. For example, RBS does not compete with Carbonite® or Mozy®, NTBackup®, or rsync, who's company and product names are those of their respective owners. Call us or email if you have a question. or (901) 405-1234.

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