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The Online Backup Guide for Service Providers

How to Start and Operate an Online Backup Service
By Rob Cosgrove

The Online Backup Guide for Service Providers is a complete 196-page guide on starting and operating an Online Backup Service - the latest revision of Rob Cosgrove's industry defining RBS Book originally published in 1987. Order the Electronic Version ($19.95) Immediate Download

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The Paperback is available at and your local bookstore for $29.95.

The electronic edition for iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch and iTunes is available at the iTunes Store.

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Completely updated, rewritten and published in February 2010, the Online Backup Guide is a must read for everyone in the Online Backup business. Loaded with tips and techniques, the OBG is a complete How-To manual on operating a successful online backup business.

You will learn the secrets of the most successful Service Providers from every perspective - technical, sales and business. Rob Cosgrove has watched the industry from the inside since he founded it in 1987. The OBG contains the combined experience of more than eight thousand RBS Service Providers over the twenty-three year history of the industry.

You have questions, especially if you have yet to start your business. The Online Backup Guide is an in-depth introduction to the business as well as a granular instruction manual for current Providers. The OBG covers these topics and more:

  • "Proper Backups" Defined
  • Technical and Support Requirements for Personal And Business Accounts
  • Privacy, Encryption, Compliance Regulations
  • How to Fully Automate Your Service
  • Integrating Your Software with Your Website
  • Reporting - What You Need to See and Why
  • Best Practices for Scheduling and File Selection
  • The History Of Online Backup
  • How to Increase the Perceived Value of your Service
  • Why You Don't Have to Compete at $5/month
  • How Much to Charge Your Customers (and How)
  • Sample Pricing Plans
  • Recovery Objectives Explained
  • Why You Can Ignore Linux
  • Rob's Handy Online Costs & Profit Calculator
  • What's Different About the Most Successful Providers?
  • Advertising, PR, Telemarketing, EMail Marketing, Pay Per Click, Direct Mail
  • How an Autoresponder can Increase Your Business and Save Time
  • The Many Ways to Deliver the Service
  • How to Deal with Quotas - to Stop or Not to Stop?
  • How to Accept Credit Cards Online
  • Are Trial Accounts Worth the Trouble?
  • Proper On-Site Installation Procedure
  • Complete 37-page Business Plan Template
  • Complete 19-page Disaster Recovery Plan Template
  • The Online Backup Guide is available now for immediate download as a PDF file at a price of $19.95.

    The Paperback is available at and your local bookstore for $29.95.

    The electronic edition for iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch and iTunes is available at the iTunes Store.

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