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Online Backup Software Comparison | White-Label Online Backup Software

Online Backup Software Editions and Features Comparison With Competitive Analysis

This analysis compares the features of Remote Backup Systems' three Editions of RBackup Online Backup software against those of three competitors - Ahsay, Vembu, and Novanet-Web. This also compares our Mercury software with Mozy and Carbonite.

RBS is dedicated to providing the very best for the Online Backup industry. If you are considering any other company as a partner in your Online Backup business, please give us an opportunity to speak with you personally, and show you how RBS can make you more profitable, quicker. Phone us at (901) 405-1234.

RBackup Online Backup Software, Service Provider Edition - RBackup includes all features listed below. It is licensed for providing commercial Online Backup services without restriction. It can also be used by businesses as an in-house solution for online backup.

Mercury Online Backup - Mercury is an advanced Online Backup platform for PC and Mac, designed around Web Services. It is our "next generation" of software, designed to compete with the best consumer-grade and small business software used by giant companies, and until now unavailable to the general public. For more on Mercury, visit the Mercury Backup website.

What is the difference between RBackup and Mercury? Click Here.

Click the Feature for More Information.

Competition Codes - Competition Codes indicate where a Feature is available and perhaps inferior in a competitor's product. A CAPITAL letter indicates "Available." A lower-case letter indicates "Available but Inferior." An * indicates "More Info in Feature Discription." If you are comparing RBS products and services with other companies, pay special attention to these Features.

RBS outsources independent evaluations of other products about every six months. We welcome (and in fact, request) corrections, and will update our report when they are independently verified. Send corrections via our Contacts page.

  • A = Ahsay
  • N = Novanet-Web
  • V = Vembu Storgrid
  • M = Mozy
  • C = Carbonite

  • Company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

    NA = Not
    Cloud Services SupportOnline Backup Software YES   
    Redundant Hybrid Backup (RHB)Online Backup Software YES   
    AutoSelectOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES aMC
    Server Locator ServiceOnline Backup Software YESNA*
    Strong EncryptionOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES anvmc
    Encryption Key GeneratorOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES AV
    Print Key InformationOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Create Portable Key FileOnline Backup Software YESNA  
    Maintains Encryption Key HistoryOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES v*
    Automatic Server UpdatesOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESA
    Multiple Client VersionsOnline Backup Software YES   
    Failsafe Server MonitorOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES  
    Advanced SchedulingOnline Backup Software YESNAAVNMC
    Configurable File Retention PolicyOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES AVN
    Keep Latest VersionOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESAVC
    Multiple Backup SetsOnline Backup Software YESAVNMC
    Pre- and Post- Backup Command ProcessorOnline Backup Software YES  
    Data CompressionOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES AVNC
    Shut Down or Log Out After BackupOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES A
    Automatic Plug & Play Router ConfigurationOnline Backup Software YESNA 
    Unlimited Account GroupsOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Account Quota ControlOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES aVm*
    Session Quota ControlOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Backup Time Window ControlOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Resume Failed Backups AutomaticallyOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES a*
    Move User Files En MasseOnline Backup Software YESNA 
    One-click Account SuspensionOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Optionally use Windows Task SchedulerOnline Backup Software YESNA 
    Operates on Clear Registered PortsOnline Backup Software YESNA 
    Full BackupsOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES AVN
    Incremental BackupsOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESAVN
    Differential BackupsOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Advanced File Selection MethodsOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES VNM
    Automatic Adjustment for Daylight Savings TimeOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Supports Dialup ConnectionsOnline Backup Software YES 
    Can Operate Off-NetOnline Backup Software YES 
    CPU ThrottlingOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES VM
    HIPAA CompliantOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES VN
    Files Stored Encrypted on ServerOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESAVNMC
    Easy Disaster RecoveryOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES VNc
    Virtual Full RestoreOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Restore has Advanced Search CapabilitiesOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES vNC*
    Run Backups with Command Line OptionsOnline Backup Software YES AVN
    Stealth ModeOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Hide Progress ScreenOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES VNMC
    Instant ProvisioningOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESNMC
    Automatic Server TesterOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Seamless Integration with Other ApplicationsOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Supports ClusteringOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES a*
    Built in Automatic FailoverOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Built in Automatic Load BalancingOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES A
    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) SupportedOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESV
    Amazon Machine Image (AMI) Available FreeOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESV
    No Complicated "SPEUs" - Easy Client LicensingOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES *
    Use Only One CALOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES *
    Internet SupportOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESAVNMC
    Simple and Advanced Interfaces Online Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES  
    MultilingualOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES AN
    Open Files AgentOnline Backup Software YES  n*
    Bit BackupOnline Backup Software YESNA anmc*
    Server Side RestoreOnline Backup Software YESNA VN
    Active DirectoryOnline Backup Software YESAV
    Exchange BackupOnline Backup Software YES avnm*
    No Extra Charge for MailboxesOnline Backup Software YES  
    SQL Server BackupOnline Backup Software YES AVN
    System State BackupOnline Backup Software YES AVN
    Sharepoint BackupOnline Backup Software YES 
    Remote ManagementOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES a*
    Built-In Remote Helpdesk Online Backup Software YESNA 
    Works with E-Commerce and Web Manager PlugInsOnline Backup Software YESIncluded 
    Works with the Registration WizardOnline Backup Software YESIncluded 
    Works with the Mirror ServerOnline Backup Software YESIncluded v*
    Integrated with Windows Event LogOnline Backup Software YES 
    Online Backup EstimatorOnline Backup Software YES 
    Web Portal for Clients and AdminsOnline Backup Software YES 
    Web Based E-Commerce SystemOnline Backup Software YES 
    Mirrors Online Backups LocallyOnline Backup Software YES 
    Works with SQL for the RBS ServerOnline Backup Software YESNA 
    Maintains Local Backup + Online BackupOnline Backup Software YES  
    Operate an Online Backup ServiceOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESAVN
    Customization & BrandingOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES avn*
    Synthetic Full Backups Online Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES*
    Auto UpdatesOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES a*
    Copy To DiskOnline Backup Software YES AVNM
    Customize Client InstallerOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES N
    EMail NotificationsOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES aN*
    Key EscrowOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Mapped Drive SupportOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESAVNM
    Delete From ServerOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES VN
    ReportsOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESAVN
    Web RestoreOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES ANMC
    Free Trial ClientsOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESNMC
    Provision Client Features (per client)Online Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Send Diagnostic ReportsOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES av*
    Stand Alone Restore AgentsOnline Backup Software YESNA  
    Automatic Custom Daily ReportsOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES avN
    Global ExclusionsOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Free 30-Minute InstallationOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Outlook Backup Built InOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES n*
    Client Installers Digitally SignableOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    API AvailableOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESA
    Full customization and BrandingOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Local Customization UtilityOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES N
    Client Installers use InstallShieldOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YES 
    Runs on PC and MacOnline Backup Software YES VMC
    Continuous Data ProtectionOnline Backup Software YES AVMC
    Bandwidth ThrottlingOnline Backup Software YESOnline Backup Software YESAVNMC
    Remotely Erase Sensitive DataOnline Backup Software YES 
    Take Pictures and Record SoundOnline Backup Software YES 
    Send Technical DetailsOnline Backup Software YES 
    Track Stolen ComputersOnline Backup Software YES 
    Remotely Freeze Desktop AgentOnline Backup Software YES 

    Why RBS is Better...

    A la carte Pricing for Many Features 
    Owned and Based in the USA 
    In business since 1987 
    Lowest Prices, More Features 
    Lowest Ongoing Cost 
    No Additional Charges for Exchange Mailboxes 
    Free Emergency Backup Servers Available 
    More than 8,500 Units Sold - the CLEAR Market Leader! 
    Free, Unlimited Branding and Customization in ALL Service Provider Edition Client Counts 
    More Experience in the Online Backup Market 
    Marketing Support from the Experts 
    Live Seminars at the Home Office 
    Referral Network 
    Flexibility in Development 
    Does the company own the code? 
    Our Company Mascot is Cuter 

    Cloud Services Support - Optionally allow your end users to back up directly to a third party Cloud Backup service like Google Drive and DropBox in addition to the RBackup Server. You can also allow them to back up ONLY to a third party service. In this case the Client software will authenticate to the RBS Server before allowing a backup to a Cloud service. Backups sent to a third party service are encrypted, compressed, and fully compliant - unlike normal backups to such services.

    Redundant Hybrid Backup - Our RHB technology goes a step beyond regular Hybrid Backup for an extra layer of security. RHB can send your end users' backups encrypted, compressed, and compliant, to three locations at the same time. RBS is the only software that offers this level of reliability.

    AutoSelect - AutoSelect allows end users to select files by file type rather than by file location. So, you don't have to know where a file exists to back it up. Just select from a list of files by type (i.e. "Spreadsheets" or "MS Word Documents") and they will be backed up wherever they exist, from any folder.

    Server Locator Service - The RBS Server Locator Service is a built-in dynamic DNS that enables you to operate your RBS Server on an inexpensive non-dedicated Internet connection with a dynamic IP address anywhere in the world. Your RBS Server will work on your DSL, ADSL, or cable modem. Operation is completely automatic, and no setup is required. In an emergency that threatens your RBS Server, you can simply unplug your RBS Server and move it to any other Internet connection. Within seconds, your Clients will be automatically redirected to the new location. The Server Locator service works as long as your Maintenance Subscription is in force. Your software WILL operate without the Server Locator, although without its dynamic DNS support. The Server Locator is not required with Mercury.

    Strong Encryption - Built-in strong encryption. RBackup has seven (7) selectable encryption methods - DES v1, DES v2, TDES, Blowfish, AES-128, AES-192, and AES-256. Mercury uses 448-bit Blowfish - the most secure encryption method. * No competitors have more encryption methods than RBackup. Ahsay offers only 3 types of encryption. Vembu offers only one. Mozy and Carbonite have only one.

    Encryption Key Generator - One button creates a statistically perfect encryption key using the currently selected encryption method.

    Print Key Information - Displays and prints a form containing all information necessary for a Disaster Recovery. This customizable form should be printed and retained by the end user as a backup to the Key File and Key Escrow systems.

    Create Portable Key File - Maintains a portable Key File that can be copied to a memory stick and used for Disaster Recovery and for securely accessing backup files over the web. Fully compliant with HIPAA, SOX, GLB, and other regulations.

    Maintains Encryption Key History - Maintains a complete history of all encryption keys. End users may change encryption keys as often as they like for maximum security, allowing the promptless restore of all files, regardless of the key used to encrypt them at backup time.

    Automatic Server Updates - When RBS issues a software update to the Server or the Clients or any of the PlugIns, the Server administrator is notified by a pop-up message and can select to apply the updates online.

    Failsafe Server Monitor - Built in Server Monitor automatically recycles and restarts the Server within seconds if anything causes it to shut down.

    Advanced Scheduling - This edition can schedule backups by day of week, day of month, calendar day, daily, on demand, and several times a day.

    Configurable File Retention Policy - The Client can set File Retention Policy to keep files on the server for a number of days after they have been deleted from the Client computer. This can range from one day to ten years. It can also set a number of versions of files to keep, regardless of the age of the files. Files are deleted from the server as they expire, oldest first.

    Keep Latest Version - An RBS exclusive, this feature keeps the most recent version of a file regardless the other file retention settings. For example, assume you have set files to purge after they are 30 days old. If you only have a single copy of a file within that time frame, and you do not select this option, that file will be erased when its age is over 30 days. If you select this option, that file will be retained regardless of its age until a more recent one appears at the Server.

    Multiple Backup Sets - RBackup can maintain an unlimited number of Backup Sets. Backup Sets are groups of files with the same File Retention Policy, Backup Schedule, Backup Method, and many other options. This allows users to (for example) back up more important files more often, or to archive some files for years and not others.

    Pre- and Post- Backup Command Processor - RBackup will process user-written command files before and after backup sessions. Each Backup Set can have its own individual pair of command files. Command files can perform operations like integrating the backup software with other applications, doing local backups, stopping and restarting services, sending notifications, running programs, and much more.

    Data Compression - Data files are compressed on the Client computer by as much as 90% before being encrypted and transmitted to the Server. This reduces the amount of bandwidth required to send backups, saves space on the Server, and ads another layer of security to the backup.

    Multiple Client Versions - RBackup is delivered with three versions of the Client software, allowing you to distribute software at a lower cost to customers who pay less, increasing your ROI. Most competitors offer only one version of their Client software which costs the same regardless the type of customer you use it with. For more information click here.

    Shut Down or Log Out After Backup - This feature will optionally shut down the computer after a scheduled backup (to save energy and increase security) or log off the current user.

    Automatic Plug & Play Router Configuration - When installing the RBackup Server, some configuration of its router is necessary. The installer will automatically configure Plug and Play routers. Note: No firewall or router configuration is necessary on the Client side.

    Unlimited Account Groups - User accounts can be grouped for more convenient management and reporting. This feature is used mostly by Service Providers who need to bill companies for more than one account, and/or who want to run reports and pay sales agents or affiliates for activity in accounts that belong to them.

    Account Quota Control - Each user account can have a defined storage quota that triggers an Over Quota email, a message to the Server Administrator, and/or a report item. * Ahsay does not trigger an Over Quota email.

    Session Quota Control - Each user account can have a defined Session Quota to limit the amount of data that can be sent during a single backup session. This prevents individual users from monopolizing Server capacity and bandwidth with huge backups. Backups that do not finish because they exceed the Session Quota are resumed where they stopped during the next session. Service Providers use this feature to spread out initial full backups (which can be large) over multiple backup sessions.

    Backup Time Window Control - Similar to Session Quota (above), Backup Time Window Control sets a time limit on each end user's backup session. This prevents backups that are scheduled to run when businesses are closed from exceeding the time allotted to them, so they are not still running when the business opens the next morning. Backups that do not finish because they last longer than the defined Backup Window are resumed where they stopped during the next session. Service Providers use this feature to spread out initial full backups (which can be large) over multiple backup sessions.

    Resume Failed Backups Automatically - Backups that fail because of a lost Internet connection, a power failure, or some other interruption are automatically resumed at the point they stopped within sixty seconds without any loss of data. The software will retry the backup every sixty seconds throughout the Backup Window. If it cannot resume the backup within the time allotted by the Backup Window, it will resume during the next scheduled backup. * Ahsay will resume backups on another machine but it doesn’t resume on same machine every 60 seconds in case of failure by disconnection.

    Move User Files En Masse - RBackup stores its files in an efficient proprietary, HIPAA-compliant archive folder structure on mapped drives. Using a Move User function, the Server Administrator can automatically move a user's files from one drive to another. Sometimes a single end user is big enough to store his data on a dedicated drive.

    One-click Account Suspension - Temporarily suspend a user for non-payment with a simple checkmark. The user will receive a message on his screen.

    Optionally use Windows Task Scheduler - RBackup has its own built-in backup scheduler. However, some Service Providers like the Windows Task Scheduler better. A simple checkbox automatically creates and activates a Windows Task on a per-Backup Set basis.

    Operates on Clear Registered Ports - There is never any worry about conflicting with other applications. This software operates on "Registered Ports," which means that RBS effectively "owns" them (and has since 1993). No other software vendors will use our ports, so there will never be a conflict with other applications.

    Full Backups - Always performs full file backups of all selected files and folders.

    Incremental Backups - Backs up only files that have been changed or added since the last backup, toggles the Archive Bit. Complies with Advanced File Selection Methods below.

    Differential Backups - Backs up only files that have been changed or added since the last backup, does not toggle the Archive Bit. This is used when an Online Backup needs to integrate with a tape backup on the same computer. Complies with Advanced File Selection Methods below.

    Advanced File Selection Methods - The software can be set to determine which files need to be backed up using the Archive Bit, the modified date and time as compared with the date and time of the most recent backup of each file, or RBS' proprietary FastPick method.

    Automatic Adjustment for Daylight Savings Time - The software automatically detects Daylight Savings Time worldwide and adjusts the File Selection Method. Without this feature, a change in time would force a full backup of all files, or prevent a backup session.

    Supports Dialup Connections - This feature activates a telephone modem and dials in to an Internet Service Provider to establish a connection for a backup session. The connection is dropped at the end of the backup session.

    Can Operate Off-Net - This feature allows the Client software to make a direct connection to the Server using telephone modems, radio links, null modem cables, and other non-network connections. It is used in areas without Internet, and when special security is required.

    CPU Throttling - The Client software can be set to subordinate itself to more important processes that require CPU time. The default setting is "Medium," which rarely needs to be changed.

    HIPAA Compliant - The software is fully compliant with HIPAA.

    Files Stored Encrypted on Server - Files are stored on the Server in fully encrypted form, using an encryption key known only to the end user. It is impossible for the Server operator to decrypt and view end user files unless the end user discloses the encryption key.

    Filenames Encrypted on Server - File names are stored encrypted on the Server. This prevents disclosing sensitive information to the Server operator. File names often contain sensitive information. So, even if a file is fully encrypted, its name can be a security risk, and can prevent regulatory compliance. For example, a file named "John Smith heart surgery May 13 2009.doc" is not HIPAA compliant.

    Easy Disaster Recovery - In the event of a loss of data due to catastrophic hardware failure, the Disaster Recovery feature will automatically restore the Client software's setup options and the most recent backup quickly and easily.

    Virtual Full Restore - The software can automatically compile a full restore from a series of incremental backups across multiple backup sets and sessions. This feature significantly reduces or eliminates the need for periodic full backups.

    Restore has Advanced Search Capabilities - The Restore interface contains advanced search features that can search across backup sets and sessions by date (before, between, after), by Backup Set, by drive and folder, and by file and folder names or parts of names, and can include wildcards. * Vembu search pattern for restore/delete will not work for Unicode files/folders.

    Open Files Agent - Back up files that are open and in use by other applications. Without this feature, files cannot be backed up if they are in use. For example, if Quickbooks is open at the time of the backup, its files cannot be backed up. Many applications should run constantly, and cannot be automatically shut down for backups. The Open Files Agent solves this problem. * The Novanet-Web Open File Backup does not work on Vista 64 bit.

    Built-In Remote Helpdesk - RBackup (v10.1.66+) has a built-in full Remote Control module built on the popular and secure VNC protocol. This allows the Service Provider to take control (with the Client's permission) of any Client's keyboard, mouse, and monitor to offer live remote help. Upload and download files, run reports, install software - full control. Includes support for multiple technicians. Runs through a Repeater built into the RBS Server, so neither the Client's nor the Technician's router or firewall needs to be configured. Technician does not have to be at the RBS Server - works from anywhere! Client-side software automatically uninstalls itself when the remote session is complete. MANY advanced features. No other Online Backup company offers this.

    Delete from Server - This feature is a client-side interface that lets you search and delete files from the Server by date or file type, or by file name. It is good for cleaning out old files that don't need to be saved, speeding up backups and restores, and saving disk space on the Server. Without this feature, files are deleted from the Server according to the rules you set for File Retention Policy.

    Internet Support - This feature allows the software to operate over the Internet. Otherwise, it will run only within private (local) networks. Many businesses do not want to expose their backups to the Internet for security reasons.

    BitBackup - BitBackup is a special kind of backup that can back up and restore only the changed pieces of files. Sometimes called "Sub File Backup," BitBackup can significantly reduce the amount of storage space required at the Server, and the backup time as well - sometimes by as much as 98%. Another benefit of BitBackup is that it maintains a Local Data Store at the Client-side. The Local Data Store is a complete copy of the very latest version of backed up files, stored locally, at the Client's location. RBackup automatically restores from the Local Data Store if the user needs the most recent backup, which decreases restore time significantly. The Local Data Store adds another level of redundancy (a local backup as well as an Online Backup,) and allows restores even if the Client cannot make a connection to the Server. * Unlike other companies, RBackup's BitBackup was designed specifically for high-reliability online backups. The others are risky.

    Server Side Restore - Restore files at the Server as well as at the Client. This convenient feature is useful for assisting commercial Online Backup customers with very large restores, and for business customers to restore client data in their own data center. It can also be used to consolidate data from multiple Client locations into a central data center.

    Active Directory - Back up and restore Windows Active Directory from Windows Servers.

    Exchange Backup - Brick level backup and restore of Microsoft Exchange Servers. RBackup backs up at the sub-mailbox level. * This is far superior to our competitors who simply rely on Windows' built-in NTBackup for full-file backups, or (see below) charge an extra fee PER MAILBOX.

    No Extra Charge for Mailboxes - Many companies charge a per-mailbox fee for Exchange Backup. At RBS we think that's silly and unfair. Our most advanced brick-level Exchange Backup can back up an unlimited number of mailboxes at no extra fee.

    SQL Server Backup - Incremental backup and restore of Microsoft SQL Server. Backs up multiple instances of SQL Server on the same computer.

    System State Backup - Back up and restore the Windows System State.

    Sharepoint Backup - Back up and restore Windows Sharepoint Servers.

    Operate an Online Backup Service - This is a collection of features and services that allow you to operate a commercial Online Backup Service. Without this feature, you may use the software for personal use, or inside your own company, but you are not licensed to provide commercial Online Backup services. The collection includes, among other things, the Referral Network, the RBS Business Kit, access to the Service Providers' Forum.

    Customization & Branding - This feature allows you to customize and brand your Client software so it looks and acts like you want it to when your customers install it. This is a very powerful function that allows you to fully brand your own RBS Client software. This allows you to deliver a highly customized Online Backup solution to a wide range of customers - from those who want to completely manage their own backups to those who want a simple one-touch set-and-forget solution with few options. Add your own company name, change the name of the software, add your own graphics and icons - more than 200 customization and branding features. See the RBackup Server's Documentation for more information. Mercury customization is done by RBS. * Ahsay provides customization and branding with limited features. Vembu provides a primative online form which is unavailable unless you renew your software license yearly. Novanet-Web will customize your software for you if you buy about a ton of it for an unreasonable price.

    Simple Interface - The RBackup Client software can be deployed with one or both of two user interfaces. The Simple Interface is wizard-driven, very modern and user friendly, containing only the most commonly used functions. This is best for most end users. The RBackup Simple Interface and the Mercury Interface are available in more than 20 languages and dialects.

    Advanced Interface - The RBackup Client software can be deployed with one or both of two user interfaces. The Advanced Interface is for power users or administrators. It contains all available options in a compact, fast format. It is not suitable for inexperienced end users.

    Simple/Advanced Interfaces - The Service Provider Edition features both the Simple and the Advanced Interfaces above.

    Auto Updates - The Server can automatically update its Client software when Remote Backup Systems issues an update. This powerful feature lets you decide when and how to issue updates, from simply notifying clients, to automatically pushing out updates that are applied silently, without user intervention. You can even send messages to clients' screens. * Ahsay client's Backup Scheduler checks for updates, but no new updates will be delivered to a machine running AhsayOBM if backup scheduler is not enabled or no scheduled backup has been run since a new update has been installed on AhsayOBS. However, in version 5.2 Ahsay has a AUA (AutoUpdateAgent) that can update client but at the moment only the “UPGRADE” mode is enabled for AUA. However, even this version is inferior to RBackup's powerful, scripted Update Engine.

    Copy to Disk - This feature is usually used to perform a first full backup using a USB drive, which is then available for online restore. Sometimes the first backup is very large, and because of bandwidth it is more convenient to do it using a portable hard drive or memory stick, which is then transported to the Server and simply copied. Subsequent backups are much smaller, and are done online.

    Customize Client Installer - Part of the software's vast range of customization and branding features, this allows you to fully customize the installation experience for the Client software. Decide which features you want your customers to have, set installation directories, and much more. See the RBS Server's Documentation for more information. The Mercury Client installer is customized by RBS.

    EMail Notifications - The Server can send five different EMail Notifications, triggered by five events - successful backup, failed backup, missed backup, over quota, and new customer signup. Each of the emails can go to multiple addresses, and can be individually configured using templates. Emails are sent as HTML, including fonts, images, and colors. Emails can also be sent to appear as plain text. Variables can be included in the body of the emails, which are replaced with data just before the email is transmitted. So, emails can contain information such as the number of files backed up, the size of backup sessions, time, percentage of quota used, and more. See the RBS Server's Documentation for more information. * Ahsay supports a limited emailing feature, and each of the emails can go to multiple addresses, but cannot be individually configured using templates as with RBackup. Also, emails cannot be customized, and there are no variables or mail-merge capability.

    Key Escrow - Client data is encrypted with a key chosen by, and known only to, the end user. This key is not transmitted to the RBS Server. If the end user forgets his encryption key, and needs to restore data after a catastrophic failure that destroys his RBackup installation, it is impossible to restore the data. The Key Escrow feature can be turned on and off on a per-client basis. It transmits the encryption key to the RBS Server after it has been triple encrypted using a private key known only to Remote Backup Systems, and a key generated by the RBS Server. This allows Remote Backup Systems (and ONLY RBS) to recover the encryption key in an emergency so the data can be restored. There is a fee for key recovery, and we require affidavits signed by the end user and the Service Provider. Ask youself this - As a Service Provider, shouldn't I be able to restore my Clients' data in the worst kind of emergency? Am I leaving myself open to lawsuits if I can't? No other Online Backup software provider has this feature. On installation, Mercury users can select a "standard" key or they can enter their own. If they select the "standard" key, Key Escrow is turned on.

    Mapped Drive Support - This feature allows the software to back up data from mapped drives. Without this feature, it will back up only drives directly attached to the computer it runs on.

    Remote Management - This feature allows the Server Administrator to remotely change many of the settings on the Client software. It is good for central administration of groups of Clients. See the RBS Server's Documentation for more information. For Mercury, see the Mercury Backup website. * Ahsay has a primative form of remote management but cannot change settings of the Client software from server side.

    Reports - The Server can run a number of reports that can be used for billing and resource management, including client quotas, disk space usage, client sessions, and more. See the RBS Server's Documentation for more information. For Mercury, see the Mercury Backup website.

    Web Restore - This feature allows restoring Client data from a web site, using any web browser, without the Client software installed. NOTE: Some Web Restore agents are not secure - files restored via the web are sent across the Internet unencrypted and can be accessed by others in transit. The following excerpt is from Carbonite's Web Restore policy. All of RBS' Web Restore agents always send files fully encrypted - as safe as our backups. Files are only decrypted after they reach the Client computer.

    "You may elect to Use Carbonite Products or Service that permit you to decrypt and download Backup Data from any Internet enabled computer. You understand that by electing to access your files from a computer other than the one you used to create the Backup Data, that your Backup Data will be decrypted by Carbonite in its data center and sent to you in a decrypted format via public infrastructure. You acknowledge that this may cause the contents of these files to become accessible to individuals other than you and that you accept this risk. You further acknowledge that depending upon the Carbonite Product or Service you use or the features of the Carbonite Product or Service you use, accessing your Backup Data from any Internet enabled computer may not be possible. "

    Works with E-Commerce and Web Manger PlugIns - The Web Manager places virtually all of RBackup's server controls into an easy to use web console that can be operated from any computer. Tiered logins for Admin, Group Managers, and Users allow maximum flexibility in self-service, convenience and integration. More information here... The E-Commerce PlugIn integrates with the Web Manager for a complete end-to-end web based solution for user registration, billing, credit card processing, software deployment, and tiered management. Accept credit card payments through Authorize.net, Payflo Pro, PayPal, and manual processing. More information here...

    Works with the Registration Wizard - A less expensive alternative to the Web Manager PlugIn (above) The Registration Wizard is an automatic enrollment system for new clients. (not required if you use the Web Manager) More information here... This feature is built into Mercury.

    Works with the Mirror Server - The Mirror Server mirrors the contents of your critical Server folders to a remote computer. It keeps an exact duplicate of your Server at a remote location, while providing automatic failover and recovery for your Clients. More information here... This feature is built into Mercury. * Vembu has a primative "Replication Server," but it only does a one-way copy of archive files. It does not do automatic failover or recovery.

    Integrated with Windows Event Log - RBackup Client and Server write to the Windows Event Log which can be monitored with any MSP software.

    Online Backup Estimator - The optional Online Backup Estimator PlugIn can be downloaded from your website by your potential customers. It reliably estimates the size of backups and the time required to do them and includes an upstream bandwidth test. The Estimator is brandable and configurable. (More info here...)

    Web Portal for Clients and Admins - The optional Web Manager PlugIn is a full featured web portal that can be used by end users, administrators, and group managers to run reports, manage users, define service plans, and much more. (More info here...)

    Web based E-Commerce System - The optional E-Commerce PlugIn is a complete end-to-end web based solution for user registration, billing, credit card processing, software deployment, and tiered management. Accept recurring credit card payments through Authorize.net, Payflo Pro, PayPal, and manual processing. (More info here...)

    Mirrors Backup Data Locally - RBackup can optionally maintain a full mirror of all data backed up online to a storage device in the local environment. On restore, the software will automatically retrieve backups from the quickest source.

    Works with SQL for the RBS Server - The RBS Server's transaction database is, by default, based on Microsoft Access. This is sufficient for up to 250 clients with "average" backup volume. For larger businesses, the RBS Server can use MS SQL as a back-end, replacing MS Access. The Mercury server comes standard with advanced Oracle 11g.

    Maintains Local Backup + Online Backup - The software can be set to maintain a local backup at the Client's site in addition to its Online Backup. The local backup can be sent to a shared network drive, an offsite drive via VPN, or any other mapped drive letter. BitBackup automatically maintains a local Data Store. In addition, the pre- and post- backup command files can be used to launch any other backup utility to perform local backups.

    Free Trial Clients - This edition allows you to offer free Trial Accounts, which are automatically suspended after a number of days. Trial accounts can be converted to live, paying accounts. Trial Accounts are free to you, and do not deplete your number of paid end user licenses.

    Provision Client Features (per client) - The very powerful Client Locks feature allows the Service Provider to turn off many features of the Client software on a per-client basis, even after the Client has been deployed (using the Remote Management feature). This allows Service Providers to create many variations of services and plans that give end users options based on their service plan. For example, a $29/month plan might not allow a user to edit the Session Quota, the Schedule, or file selections, where a more expensive plan would.

    Send Diagnostic Reports - The Server can automatically send diagnostic reports to RBS Tech Support to assist in fixing a problem. The Client software can also generate a Service Pack which can be sent to the Service Provider or to RBS. * Ahsay can send error reports but the Client software cannot generate a Service Pack.

    Stand Alone Restore Agents - The two Stand Alone Restore Agents are very small programs that can restore clients' data without installing the Client software. One of them restores files from a disk drive, and the other restores from the Web. Each are single .EXE files compiled by the Server, and contain all the information specific to the Server (like login, IP address or domain name, port numbers, etc) necessary to connect and restore. Users only need to enter their username and password and Encryption Key (or use their Key File) to restore data. The agents automatically uninstall and remove themselves after they have been used to restore files, making them safe for public computers.

    Stealth Mode - The software can be set to perform all its operations completely silently - without any on-screen messages, windows, or sounds. This is useful when integrating with other software, or when users just don't want to be bothered with pop-up windows.

    Hide Progress Screen - This feature hides the backup progress screen, but none of the other program icons or messages. This is useful when backups are scheduled to happen during times when the computer is being used for other applications and you don't want to disturb the user.

    Instant Provisioning - When you need to add more client licenses to your Server, or you want to upgrade to add new featurs to your Server or your Clients, RBS can provision your Server and your Clients with the new features instantly. For example, if you want to purchase a feature that didn't come with your edition of the software, just order it online or on the phone, and your new feature or new licenses can be provisioned for you immediately. No downloads or software installation required. No visits to your clients' sites.

    Automatic Server Tester - RBS software has a built-in Server Tester to make sure your RBS Server is properly installed, that your Internet is good, and that your firewall and router are properly configured. When you activate the Server Tester it makes a Web Service call to a computer in the RBS data center. This Server Tester computer then does two backups and two restores to your RBS Server (from outside your network) and reports the results back to you. The Server Tester can diagnose problems with your Internet, Firewall, Router, Drive Permissions, Port settings, and more.

    Seamless Integration with Other Applications - There are several features that allow the software to be integrated with other applications in order to add functionality. These are used if a Service Provider wants to partner with another company to provide a branded Online Backup capability within other software. This is a BIG money maker for some Service Providers who pre-configure the software to back up only the files used by the integrated application. An example of a partnership like this is QuickBooks' built-in online backup feature.

    Supports Clustering - Built in support for Windows Clustering. Also includes its own built-in Automatic Failover and Load Balancing. * Ahsay doesn't support Windows Clustering but supports Load Balancing.

    Built in Automatic Failover - For maximum uptime, multiple Servers can be installed, even at geographically distant locations. The Client software will automatically fail over to the next available Server if problems or loading prevent it from reaching its Home Server.

    Built in Automatic Load Balancing - Servers can be set to forward Client sessions to other available Servers after they reach a predetermined point of loading.

    Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Supported - Runs in Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) platform. A free AMI is available, making provisioning a Server in the Cloud quick and easy. It takes only about fifteen minutes to bring up a new Server in the Cloud.

    Amazon Machine Image (AMI) Available Free - An Amazon AMI (Amazon Machine Image) is available free of charge, already stored in the Amazon Cloud Computing environment. It can be installed in about fifteen minutes, fully provisioning a new RBS Server.

    No Complicated "SPEUs" - Easy Client Licensing - Some companies that provide Online Backup software license their software using complicated techniques that make it difficult and confusing to provision new clients by assigning "SPEUs" or some other unit of measurement to buy features and options. It's easy to use up these "units" and difficult to replace them. (*Vembu) This often leaves Service Providers and their clients without service, and effectively ties them to their vendor forever. But not RBS. Our licensing is seamless and automatic, handled completely by the Server. Licenses are automatically recycled, very easy to understand, and once you buy them, they are yours forever.

    Update to above (Sep 2, 2009) Here's an example of the difference between the way Vembu handles licenseing and the way RBS handles it. The following excerpt was sent to RBS by someone with access to Vembu's tech support forum:

    We just purchased in September 15 V3 CALS which should have given us 180 MCALS to use for the year.

    We have 4 servers being backed up. ! without advanced plug ins and 3 with.

    September looked right with 13 being used as the exchange plug in's hadn't run yet. October however should have brought the total down by 15 but it didn't. Instead it took all of the remaining MCALs and now I'm getting errors that I don't have enough licenses to perform the backup. It looks like it's choosing random numbers for Novemeber. The one that has no plugins is showing 10 MCAL's used. Others are showing 32 MCAL's etc. So in short I've spent for CAL's that are all used up in one month.

    Uses Only One CAL - RBS Servers run on Windows operating systems, and require only one (1) CAL (Client Access License) no matter how many clients use the Server. They also come with ALL the software needed to run an Online Backup Service. There is no need to buy other software. So, while some of our competitors make a big deal out of their "multi-platform" servers, and claim they are cheaper because they donít use up CALs, the truth is that ours doesnít, either. Itís also true that while we are free to take full advantage of Windowsí most powerful features, our competitors have to use slow, interpreted programming languages and program to the lowest common denominator in order to support multiple platforms.

    Automatic Custom Daily Reports - A Custom Reporting utility can be automatically launched by Windows Task Scheduler to produce various reports in plain text format, Excel, or HTML.

    Global Exclusions - This fantastic feature allows service providers to exclude files/folders based on Wildcards and Virtual Folder exclusions, and gives more control over backup selections. These exclusions are per backup set. Files that match Backup Exclusions will not appear anywhere in the Client's file selection screens, so they are not available to be backed up. Wildcards are supported, as are Virtual Folders like "My Documents, Windows System Folder, Temporary Internet, etc."

    Free 30-Minute Installation - RBS Technicians will install your Server software and preconfigure your Client installers by remote, FREE of charge. It takes about 30 minutes.

    Outlook Backup Built In - Microsoft Outlook is difficult to back up. Some software just can't do it. All RBS software backs up Outlook as a standard feature. * Novanet-Web claims to be able to back up emails, but there is no mention of Outlook on their website and White Papers.

    Client Installers Digitally Signable - Microsoft Vista, 2008 Server, and other advanced operating systems complain if Client installers are not digitally signed, or aren't properly named, or don't automatically adjust the User Access Control (UAC) systems. This makes self-installation difficult. Digitally signing Client installers lets the operating systems know that the Client installation package came from a reputable source, and that it hasn't been modified (by viruses or trojans) since it was compiled. RBS software can digitally sign your Client installers using your own Code Signing Certificate, purchased seperately from Verisign or other sources.

    API Available - There is an API for the Server which allows your programmers to access internal functions of the software for adding features, reports, integration, and other options. Parts of the API are released to qualified developers at the discretion of RBS management.

    Full customization in ALL Client Counts of the Service Provider Edition - RBS software features the ability to fully customize the Client software in all versions of this edition. * Some companies limit full customization to high client counts (expensive packages). RBS wants you to be successful no matter how much you decide to spend with us.

    Local Customization Utility - RBS Server software includes all Client Customization utilities and functions. So, you can continue to create customized client installers and service plans whether or not you maintain your Support Subscription with RBS. Other companies (Ahsay, Vembu) force you to customize your software through an online web portal that is only available if you continue to pay them annual fees.

    Client Installers use InstallShield - All RBS installers, even the ones that you (as the Service Provider) customize and deploy, use InstallShield. InstallShield is the premier installation platform - the most widely used, and the most powerful available. It automatically handles all the complex installation requirements of the most advanced Windows platforms like Vista, 2008 Server, and others; including the UAC, firewalls, and antivirus.

    Run Backups with Command Line Options - The software can be run with command line options that can perform many of the tasks on its menus. This is useful for highly customized backup scenarios and for integration purposes.

    Works with PC and Mac - This edition runs on both PC and Mac computers, in native code for the operating system. It supports Windows 2000 and above, and Mac OS 10.4 and above. The Client software looks and works the same on each platform. Files can be restored cross-platform.

    Multilingual - The RBackup Simple Interface is available in English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Hungarian. Contact us to have your language added.

    Continuous Data Protection - This edition backs up files as they are changed. It can also be scheduled to run once a day at a specific time.

    Bandwidth Throttling - Bandwidth usage can be throttled on a per client basis with controls on the Server and the Client. This is used to limit the amount of bandwidth used by the software during backup sessions.

    Remotely Erase Sensitive Data - End users can log into their Web consoles from any computer and order their computers to erase files on their computer that have been backed up. They can also shred files with military-level DoD 5220.22-M file shredding technology that cannot be reversed. This prevents sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Data will not be erased from the Mercury Server.

    Take Pictures and Record Sound - The Remote Security Suite can activate a client computer's built-in camera and microphone, recording in one minute segments and uploading to the user's account. This lets users see and hear who is using their computers.

    Send Technical Details - Client computers can collect and send technical information about their environments, including networks to which they are connected, and other data that might help zero in on who is using the computer.

    Help Track a Stolen Computer - Using a unique geolocation technology that does not require a GPS in the client computer, the Remote Security Suite collects and transmits location information. Users can then look up this information in public databases to help isolate their computer's location. (Geolocation services are not exact, and depend on the reliability of the databases and the presence of WIFI access points around the missing computer.)

    Remotely Freeze Desktop Agent - This prevents a computer thief from accessing the user's online account. The Desktop Agent will continue to do backups (sometimes capturing documents, links, and other evidence created by the thief.) but its menu will be disabled, and it will operate in "silent" mode with no prompts or messages to draw attention. All the data collected by the Remote Security Suite is transmitted and stored in users' online accounts, accessible with a web browser.

    A La Carte Pricing for Many Features - RBS can provision many new features with the press of a few buttons in our Home Office. We can keep our prices lower than our competitors in part because we can offer you an unlimited combination of features. You can buy only what you need, and you can add features later. For example, if you buy the Business Edition (which doesn't include the Simple client Interface) and later, you decide you want to add the Simple Interface, we can provision it for you in just a few minutes.

    Owned and Based in the USA - Remote Backup Systems' main office is in Memphis, TN in the Central time zone, making us very accessible for most of our clients during their normal business day, when they need us most. We also have a support office in India, 12.5 hours from Memphis. So, RBS is available more hours during the business day than any of our competitors. Ahsay is in China and Vembu is in India. Neither are quick to reach during US business hours. In fact, it sometimes takes 2 days to get an email response from either of them.

    In business since 1987 - Remote Backup Systems founded the Online Backup industry in 1987. It would be seven years before the next company (Novastor) would come on the market with a product that had a few of the features of our then-mature products. The other competitors came MUCH later. Most are under 4 years old.

    Lowest Prices, More Features - Our advertised prices are lower than any of our competitors' for similar products. Our ongoing costs are also lower, and we give you more features. But, we all offer special prices from time to time. So, if you have received a lower quote from a competitor, send it to us and WE WILL BEAT IT!

    Lowest Ongoing Cost - RBS' ongoing costs are the lowest in the industry. We charge a non-mandatory annual fee of about 15% of the purchase price to cover the cost of upgrades and live tech support. You do not have to continue to pay us, though. If you decide not to renew your maintenance plan, your software will continue to operate normally (except for the Server Locator). One of our competitors (Vembu) charges a higher price for their software, and then makes you pay that SAME PRICE EVERY YEAR FOREVER, or they will disable your software, putting you out of business.

    No Additional Charges for Exchange Mailboxes - Most of our competitors charge an additional fee to back up each Exchange mailbox your clients have. That can get very expensive, and it is difficult to keep up with. RBS charges one low price for our Exchange module, regardless how many mailboxes your clients back up.

    Free Emergency Backup Servers - An RBS exclusive, this free service shows how comitted we are to our Service Providers. We encourage our competitors to offer the same service, but they won't. When you have a Priority Maintenance Subscription, RBS will make available to you our Emergency Hot Site Servers, which enable you to trasfer your clients to our Data Centers in the event of a natural disaster. more info...

    More than 8,500 Unit Sold! - RBS has far more successful Service Providers than all of our competitors combined. We've also sold FAR more units into the Enterprise and Small Business market. RBS owns the lion's share of the market. As of this writing, Vembu claims only 1,250 Service Providers (many of whom are using their scaled-down FREE edition), and Ahsay claims to have only 2,900. Novastor is estimated at below 2,500.

    Free, Unlimited Branding and Customization in ALL Service Provider Edition Client Counts - Branding and Customization come free with the Service Provider Edition. Novastor charges $5,000 for branding, which isn't even available unless you've bought 250 client licenses. Other competitors (Ahsay, Vembu) use a web-based customization portal that you can't access unless your Maintenance Subscription is in force. RBS branding and customization utilities come with the software and continue to operate if you drop your Maintenance Subscription.

    More Experience in the Online Backup Market (combined more than 80,000 years) - RBS the clear leader in our industry. However, it is our successful Service Providers who have driven our development efforts over the years. As they discover new needs, they communicate them to RBS and we write new software to address the new needs. With more than 8,500 Service Providers servicing more than a million clients, we have a FAR wider view of the market than any of our competitors. Thus, we are able to address changing needs quicker and with better focus. We've already solved problems our competitors won't even be aware of for years to come. Think of us as nimble warm-blooded mammals in a world of soon-to-die-out dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous Period 80,000 years ago. Or don't. It was just a thought.

    Marketing Support from the Experts - The RBS staff have been in the business a long time, and we keep in contact with our Service Providers. We are experts in this business. We are more than happy to answer questions related to marketing and sales, as well as technical questions. We have put much of our knowledge into our RBS Business Kit and the many online resources available to you as an RBS Service Provider. * Sure, other companies might offer some kind of limited "marketing support." But, what good is "marketing support" going to do you if it's from a company whose limited experience is only in China or India? (Of course if you are in China or India, you might get some good tips.)

    Live Seminars at the Home Office in Memphis - A live seminar at the RBS main office in Memphis, Tennessee is the best way to kick off your Online Backup service. You will get personalized hands-on training with the latest versions of RBS software, presented by RBS staff members. Seminars are hosted by Rob Cosgrove, President of RBS and founder of the Online Backup industry, and presented by the technical and customer support staff of RBS. Guest speakers include some of our most successful Service Providers.

    Referral Network - The Find a Service Provider links on the RBS Web Site are for people who are looking for a Remote Backup Service Provider instead of RBS software. They usually find our web site through our highly visible, high-ranking Search Engine listings. Rather than have those prospects leave our site and visit the next site below ours for RBS services, we will send those prospects to you through our Referral Network on this page. more info...

    Flexibility in Development - RBS is fast and flexible. If you have a special application and need a small tweak, or a utility, or an integration problem, we are willing to help you design a solution, and in many cases we can program it for you in just a few days, sometimes at little or no cost.

    Does the company own the code? - RBS is the only Online Backup software vendor who owns and controls 100% of our own code. Two of our competitors' products (Ahsay and Vembu) are made mostly of Public Domain and Open Source software tied together with scripts. Another, Novastor licenses major parts of their code from other companies who earn a royalty from every sale, limiting the discounts they can offer. Because we own our own code, RBS has much more flexibility in pricing and development options than any of our competitors.

    Synthetic Full Backups - Synthetic Backups are full backups that are built out of pieces of previous incremental and full backups already on the server without the need to re-send data to the Server. It saves a lot of time on restore and saves space on the Server. It allows RBS software to create full restores to any point in time, and to custom design virtually any type of restoration on-the-fly of any subset or groups of subsets of full backups by date, file size, file type, backup set, drive location, file name or folder name, or any other file attribute. RBS restores are very granular, and very fast, and can be done all in a single pass without the need to restore from multiple backup sets. Synthetic Full Backups allow RBS software to do only one full backup, ever. RBS is the only Online Backup software vendor has this important feature.

    Our Company Mascot is Cuter - OK, in the interest of fair play, our crack research staff would like to admit that they are not really sure if our competitors even have mascots. However, if they do, theirs could not possibly be cuter than our Weezer. Watch the Weezer Dance (8MB AVI)

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