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Limited Source Code License for Online Backup Web PlugIns

A Limited Source Code License gives you access to the ASP .NET source code for the Web Manager and E-Commerce PlugIns for use within your organization.

You can edit virtually anything about the PlugIns and recompile them for your own use or for use within your organization. The source code comes as a single .ZIP file containing code in one or more of the following forms: ASP .NET, C#, Java. It also contains inline documentation and technical documents.

A development environment is required. You are responsible for providing all the software tools necessary to edit, compile and deploy your runtime code. This includes Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 (or greater) with .NET framework 3.5.

A licensed RBS Server must be installed on the development environment. A free development license comes with the Source Code.

RBS will provide to you our own updates to the Source Code as they become available as long as your Maintenance Subscription is active.

RBS cannot offer help with programming, integration or debugging. After you have modified the code, RBS may not be able to offer technical support assistance for the parts you have modified.

You may not redistribute or resell any product containing any part of RBS code, or any product based on RBS code, without the written consent of RBS.

Some parts of the PlugIns are distributed only in compiled form, and may be required to be compiled into your runtime. These include the License Enforcement and Crypto modules.

The source code will compile but will not run properly if the computer on which it is running is not licensed to use the PlugIns.

The Source Code is covered by the Standard Software License Agreement (

The Source Code is only for the Web PlugIns and not for RBackup or any other RBS product.

SPECIAL NOTE: RBS WILL OFFER ONE FREE HOUR OF PROGRAMMING ASSISTANCE OR SETUP ASSISTANCE FOR YOUR DEVELOPMENT ENVIRONMENT. After that hour is up you may buy additional hours here if you need further assistance.

Editing and compiling the Source Code requires an EXPERIENCED .NET DEVELOPER and MS Visual Studio 2005 or greater with the .NET 3.5 framework. Please be sure you have all the proper development resources before attempting this project.

RBS does not offer ongoing, unlimited support for the Source Code as we do with our other products. Because this is Source Code, we can offer NO REFUNDS on it.

Because access to the Source Code allows you to enable all functionality of all the Web PlugIns, in order to use the Source Code you must be licensed to use both the Web Manager PlugIn and the E-Commerce PlugIn, and all their available features. These licenses are included in the price of the Source Code. They include the following products:

  • Web Manager PlugIn
  • E-Commerce PlugIn
  • Multi Tenancy
  • RBSRemote PlugIn

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