Remote Backup Transmission Time Calculator    
2004 Remote Backup Systems, Inc.      
This calculator will calculate the time required to transmit a backup over an
Internet connection. Enter the original (native) size of the files to be backed
up, the compression ratio, and the slowest Internet speed between the
Client and the Server.      
RBackup typically compresses standard business data about 75%. This
means that a file of 100 megabytes will become 25 megabytes before it is
sent to the Server. It will be stored on the server in its compressed form.
Some data, like Word Perfect and MS Word files may compress as much
as 90%, while some files like pictures and music may compress only 5%.
Pictures and music files are not considered "typical" business data.
This calculation considers only transmission time, which is directly related
to costs of doing business. Time for the Client software to prepare a backup
by doing its compression and encryption is not a part of this calculation, and
can be effected greatly by constraints outside the control of the software.
Transmission speeds can vary widely from this calculation depending on
outside factors like the configuration of the software, routers, firewalls, ports,
and CPU speeds. This calculation is for optimal connections. This calculator
is not intended for use as a benchmark or acceptance test for the software.
Typical Internet Speeds      
The following chart illustrates the typical speeds of some common types of
Internet connections. When calculating the transmission time for Remote
Backup, use the slowest of the Client's UPLOAD speed and the Server's
DOWNLOAD speed. Download speeds are typically much higher than upload
speeds. Backups go at the speed of the slowest Internet connection between
the Client and the Server.      
Some Internet Connection Types can be delivered in different speeds. This
chart contains common speeds for common connection types. Contact the
Internet Service Providers who provide the connections to determine the
exact connection speeds in your specific case.    
Internet Connection Type Kilobits per second (kbps)    
56K Modem 56    
Cable Modem 1000, 512, 128    
DSL 384, 512, 1000    
T1 1530    
LAN 10000, 100000    
The Calculator      
Change the numbers in GREEN. Press the RECALCULATE button. Your
results are displayed in RED at the bottom of the calculator.
File Size (megabytes) Total native file size of the file(s) to be backed up.  
Compression Ratio % RBackup compresses typical business data about 75%.  
Internet Speed (kbps) The speed of the slowest Internet connection between the Client and the Server. (See Chart)  
Backup File Size (megabytes) Calculated size of this backup as stored on the RBS Server.  
Transfer Time (minutes) Calculated transmission time  

Automatic recalculation