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This service has been discontinued. It will rise again, however, as part of the Partner Portal, available in Q2 2013.

RBS Server Monitoring Service

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Remote Backup Systems offers full-time RBS Server Monitoring to inform you quickly if your Remote Backup server goes offline for any reason.

The RBS Server Monitor can monitor your RBS Server 24/7/365 and notify you by email if it goes down, and again when it comes back online. The RBS Server Monitoring service is a part of your RBS Maintenance Subscription.

The RBS Server Monitor will notify up to two email addresses periodically while your RBS Server is offline. You can set the monitoring and notification period, the port number, and the notification email addresses using a simple online control panel.

To start using the RBS Server Monitor, first register your account and get a password. Then log into your Monitoring account and set your email addresses, port number and monitoring period.

Remote Backup Server Monitoring

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If your Maintenance Subscription has expired, click here to renew.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the RBS Server Monitor a replacement for the Online Server Tester? The RBS Server Monitor does not perform the same exhaustive series of tests that the Online Server Tester performs. Use the Online Server Tester to test your complete Server installation after you install your RBS Server for the first time. Then use it again whenever you change your router or firewall settings or hardware. When your RBS Server passes all Online Server Tests, it is then ready for continuous monitoring using the RBS Server Monitor.

  • How can I test the Server Monitor? Change the port number in the Server Monitor or take your RBS Server off line temporarily. You should receive a your first "Critical" email within the Monitoring Period you have set, and then an additional email every period as long as your Server is off line. When you put your RBS Server back on line or change the Port Number to that of your RBS Server you will receive a single "Recovery" EMail within the Monitoring Period.

  • I'm getting too many emails. If you need to take your RBS Server off line for maintenance, you can turn off the Server Monitor by setting the Monitoring Period to "None." You can also increase the Monitoring Period so you get fewer emails.

  • My server is on line, but I still get these emails. Make sure the Server Monitor is set to your Server's Port Number. Test your RBS Server with the Online Server Tester to make sure it really is on line.

  • Can I buy the Server Monitoring Service separately from the Maintenance Subscription? Not at this time.

  • Can the Server Monitor monitor my RBS Server at a different domain name than its Server Locator address? Not at this time.

  • How do I temporarily turn off the Server Monitor? Set the Monitoring Period to "None."

  • My RBS Server does not have access to the Internet. Can I still use the Server Monitor? No.

  • Can I change the text or the subject or the From: address on the Emails sent by the Server Monitor? No.
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