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Emergency Hot Site Servers

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Important Announcment: We have opened a new Hot Site in the Partner's Portal. The new Hot Site is available free to all Partners with active Maintenance Subscriptions, and at least version 11.10.004 Clients and Server. Just log into the Partner's Portal and turn it on when you need it. Turn it off when you don't need it. You don't have to send us your customer list, and you can use your new Hot Site even in non-emergencies. Cool, yes?

RBS Emergency Hot Site Servers are available for RBS Partners whenever a natural disaster affects your data center. If your RBS Server goes offline because of a natural disaster, we can temporarily take backups from your customers at our own Hot Site near Memphis, Tennessee so your business doesn't suffer further. When the disaster is over and your RBS Server is back online you can download your backups.

Free Hot Site service is available to our Partners with Priority Maintenance Subscriptions who are directly impacted by natural disasters such as hurricanes, winter storms, widespread power outages, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, and floods. Hot Site service is available on a first-come, first-served basis until our Hot Site resources are maxed out. Free Hot Site service is usually not available for server outages caused by events other than those naturally occurring events described above.


  • Call: 901-405-1234 during business hours, 4AM-5PM US Central Time. After business hours, see below.

  • EMail or FAX us your customers' account information, and your contact information.

    (EMail the output from the below RBS Accounts Export Utility to:

    Download the following utility, which will export your customers' account information to a text file for you to store as a backup. Print the text file and keep it in a safe place.

    Download the RBS Accounts Export Utility

    In Case of an Approaching Hurricane or Winter Storm

    EMail or fax the exported file to RBS BEFORE your power fails.

    EMail to:

    TO PAGE US 24x7 ALSO EMAIL TO: with only the words EMERGENCY ACTIVATION in the Subject line, and enough info in the body for us to contact you by phone, text, and email.

    FAX to: 901-495-2389

    We will load your customers' account data into one of our Emergency Servers, ready to redirect your customers to Memphis using the Server Locator as soon as you declare an emergency. We will not redirect your customers until you tell us to, OR until your Server goes offline.

    After we have loaded your customers' account data, we will begin monitoring your RBS Server. We will transfer your customers automatically if your RBS Server goes offline for longer than one hour. If you DO NOT want us to monitor your Server, tell us so when you send your customers' account data file.

    You can also contact us by email 24/7 to declare an emergency and have us transfer your customers.

    In Case of an Unexpected Disaster Without Warning

    Send your exported customer accounts file to RBS. Follow the rest of the procedures as closely as you can. Please note that free Hot Site service is usually not available for server outages caused by events other than those naturally occurring events described in the first few paragraphs of this page.

    When the emergency has passed and your data center is back online, notify us again. We will shut down your accounts here and you can resume taking your customers' backups.

    Depending on when you declare an emergency, or when your Server goes offline, there could be a delay of up to 12 to 24 hours to bring your accounts online in Memphis. Declarations made during normal business hours are the quickest. Holidays, weekends, and nights take the longest. To conserve resources for everyone, please do not declare an emergency unless you REALLY have one.

    Please try to have your customer accounts text file in our main office in Memphis 12 hours prior to your declaration. Send it to In the body of the email give us your name and all contact information including cell phone, alternate email address and phone numbers. We need your command port number (usually port 21 or 2774). Please remember that you might not have electricity, Internet, telephone, or cell phone service when you try to contact us.

    For 20 or fewer active clients, you can optionally send us your customer accounts file by email or fax. Our fax number is: 901-495-2389. If you don't have time to download and run the Export utility (at the link above) you can optionally email, fax, or phone in the username, password, and account group number of each active client.

    To declare an emergency:

    By phone: Dial 901-405-1234 during business hours, 4AM-5PM US Central Time. If you can, also send us an email formatted as in the next paragraph.

    By email: Send an email to with subject line, "EMERGENCY ACTIVATION" without the quotes. The words EMERGENCY ACTIVATION must be the first two words on the subject line, and must be spelled properly and capitalized. This will automatically page the Hot Site manager 24/7.

    However you contact us, be sure to give us a phone number where we can reach you during the day, night, and weekend, including alternate numbers, and enough information for us to identify you and find your customer accounts export file or customer list.

    Your customers must be using port 21 or port 2774. We usually have two emergency servers available for use, one on each port. We may not be able to service other port numbers.

    We can automatically redirect the customers of Partners who have programmed their Server Locator address into their Client software. Partners not using the Server Locator will be responsible for manually redirecting DNS to one of our Emergency Servers. You can also manually edit the Client configuration to point to the IP address of our Emergency Servers.

    Because many Partners might share an Emergency Server here, we may not be able to take customers with duplicate user names. For example, if one Partner has a user who logs in as "Earl," we will not be able to take another customer from another Partner with a username of "Earl". For this reason we recommend prefacing each username (when you add customers) with the serial number of your RBS Server.

    We will be able to perform backups for your customers, and restores of data sent to the emergency servers. We will not be able to back up your RBS Server, or to load existing backed-up data, or to do high-volume backups. Please do not send backups of your own RBS Server.

    We will turn off the Emergency Servers as soon as all Partners can operate on their own again. Please notify us as soon as your own RBS Server is out of danger, and you can take your customers back. When your RBS Server is back on line and stable, we will redirect your customers back to you.

    After the danger has passed, you can FTP the data to your own server.

    For more information, please contact us. 901-405-1234 or

    Hotsite Checklist

  • Download the Accounts Export utility to your RBS Server:

  • Run the Accounts Export utility to create a file called "userlist.txt"

  • Email the userlist.txt file to: In the body of the email, give us your contact info for email, phone, and text messages. If you don't have access to email, you can FAX a printout to 901-495-2389.

  • IMPORTANT! You must page us to let us know you need the Hot Site. Send email to with the words EMERGENCY ACTIVATION as the first two words in the Subject line, and in the body, give us a way to contact you. This will trigger an alert for the engineer on call.

    If your Clients find your Server using the Server Locator, skip the next two steps.

  • If your Clients DO NOT use the Server Locator, AND they use a DNS entry to find your RBS Server, you will have to switch DNS yourself manually. If your RBS Server uses port 2774, switch DNS to: If you use port 21, switch DNS to:

  • If your Clients contact your RBS Server at its IP address, you will have to manually switch each end user to point to either your Server Locator Host Name (your serial number + "") or to the appropriate RBS Hot Site server. Change the Backup Server URL in the Admin Interface of the Client software. Phone or EMail us for instructions.
  • Questions? EMail | Phone (4AM-5PM Weekdays) 901-405-1234

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