RBS Server Tester Instructions

Fill in the blanks on the right. This web page will log into your RBS Server like a regular RBS Client, and attempt to do a backup and restore. It will report any errors it finds.

Since this system tests your RBS Server from outside your own network using a verified perfect Internet connection, router, and firewall setup at Remote Backup Systems, it fully verifies that your Server is set up properly. This is good for isolating possible problems with your Clients communicating with your Server, and for testing your Server installation.

The Server Tester first tests your Server Function. It verifies that your Server is properly installed, that it is using the correct port, that it can be contacted from the Internet, that it can read and write to its hard drive, that NT permissions are properly set, and that the account you test is correctly set up. To do this, the Server Tester actually does a real backup and restore to your Server. If the Server Function tests pass, your Server is properly installed and operating.

The Server Tester then tests your Router, Firewall, and Internet Function. If this test fails, you should look for problems with your Internet Connection, your Router, or your Firewall. Start out with the Knowledge Library on our main web site.


Your current IP address is:

Internet Explorer Required
This tester needs Active-X Support.

Server Address - Enter your Server Locator Host Name, or the IP address of your RBS Server. Note: If you are browsing this page from your RBS Server computer, your Server's IP address is displayed in green above this paragraph.

Port - Enter the port number your RBS Server is set for. Typically, this will be the default of 2774. Check your RBS Server's settings. If your test fails on one port, try another. Click Here for info on selecting a port number.

Username - Enter the Name assigned to one of the users on your RBS Server. You may want to set up a new user to do this test, or use one of your existing users. This field is case-sensitive.

Password - Enter the password associated with the above Username. This field is case-sensitive.

Account Group - Enter the Account Group this user is assigned to, as a number. Normally, enter the number one (00001) which is the House Account.

Click Here for more help using the Server Tester.

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