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Web Manager/E-Commerce Upgrades

Release 11.10.005 September 22 2014

New: Added an option to upload the end user license agreement.

Fix: Web manager client locks updated (added plugins).

Fix: Corrected an issue with the Desktop Edition Client locks.

Fix: Default "C:/user" selection changed.

Fix: Corrected minor issues with the Backup Status graphs.

Fix: In rare cases the Session reports were missing in the Web Manager.

New Feature: Monthly Discounted Pricing.

Changes were made to the Plan setup page to drop down "Discounted Pricing" along with monthly, quarterly, half yearly payment terms.

Example: Select or create a plan and set the price to $50, and in the Description field, add "Plan is on discounted pricing with $50/Month with a minimum 1 year commitment period."

In the Payment Terms drop down, Select "Discounted Pricing" in the popup. See the values below. Default value will be "12 months"


Customer Signup

When customer selects the plan and changes the commitment period the monthly discounted price also changes as per the list. Also shows "Total Amount" in Signup form for the selected plan.

New: Added a Guest account for PayPal Express Checkout.

Fix: The custom name for the installer executable was not working.

New: User management now shows the Client's version info.

New: Partners can now build generic plan based installers.

New: Added Notification Log in Web Manager's Reports window.

Fix: Corrected some issues in the Remote Management section.

Partner's Portal

New: Added an option upload the end-user license agreement.

New: Added a new Hot site report to the Partner's Portal.

New: Added a new Portal Connector Report for Partner's Portal.

Fix: Unable to save/read Custom End User Agreement in Partner's portal branding page.

Release 11.10.004 June 18 2014

New: Added Backup Set to User Sessions Report.

Fix: Updated to fix a minor IE 8 issue.

Partner's Portal

New: Changes were made to the customer details pages.

Fix: Slight GUI fixes in the Software Updates page to simplify downloading updates. It was a bit confusing.

Fix: Fixed the broken login screen (when viewed in Firefox) caused by the latest Firefox update.

Web Manager

Release 11.10.002 April 28 2014

Web Manager

Fix: Web Manager customization did not update the Autoselect file types to the backup sets.

Fix: Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. - In some cases the backup.mdb file was not properly updated, and this caused incorrect information to be displayed on the print form.

Mod: Change "Credits" to "Licenses" - We have changed "Credits" to "Licenses" to avoid confusion. Licenses work exactly the same way as Credits. The only change has been in the naming convention.

Release 11.10.000 February 26 2014

Fix: Unhandled exception - The backup.mdb was sometimes not updated properly in the web manager. It caused the Client to show incorrect information on the print form.

Mod: (i) Allow user upgrade plans and "allow user to degrade plans" removed from the user login. (ii) Removed the time stamp from user login.

Release 11.09.004 December 30 2013

New Feature: Customize Restore Agent Name - The files names for the Web Restore Agent executable can now be customized by editing webconfig file. In WebConfig add the key "WebRestoreExeName" with the value of your custom filename, like this:

WebRestoreExeName = YourName

New Feature: Multitenant Web Manager can now assign group SMTP service. - The Admin can now allow Partners to use their own SMTP services.

New Feature: Web Manager Multitenant - Added option to download help file. - Multitenant partners can now upload their own custom made help files for their users.

New Feature: Removing the Client Token - When a user logs into the Web Manager and clicks on the Reinstall tab, the Web Manager will automatically approve the reinstall by removing the Client Token.

Fix: Standardized Account Name and Partner Name - Partner name is standardized thoughout the multitenant version of the Web Manager.

Fix: Removed the ABOUT menu choice. - "Help - About" options removed from multitenant partners login.

Fix: In rare cases "Allow payment gateway" option failed to save correctly while creating a new partner. Fixed.

Fix: In multitenant mode, sometimes partners' plans got mixed up and showed for all users.

Fix: MB to GB conversion in plans page.

Fix: Quota Conversion - The web manager quota calculation (MB - GB) is based on an RBS Server registry value:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Quantum Tech, Inc.\RBSServer\RBSMgr\QuotaCon"

The default value is "1000" and can be changed to "1024" for a more accurate definition of a Megabyte.

Fix: Default Backup set Deletion - The Default backup set can no longer be deleted.

Fix: Graphics Import Problems - There were sometimes problems uploading graphics to the Web Manager. Fixed.

Fix: Saving Client customizations - In rare cases the Web Maanger would fail to properly update its databases after changes were made to the Client customizations.

Tweak: Removed the Payment Gateway option while creating an account group.

Tweak: Email address duplication for account group login.

Tweak: Removed Buy Now from trial plan.

Tweak: Added validation for company name field to allow alphanumeric characters.

Tweak: Multitenant partners gateway now shows more than two gateway options.

Tweak: Disabled the Bill Me Later option for Non-E-Commerce plugin users.

Tweak: Minor design changes in multitenant Plans Setup.

Tweak: Design changes made to the Email Notification pages.

Tweak: Browser compatability upgrades for IE, Chrome and Firefox.

Web Manager

Release 11.09.003 September 5 2013

New Feature: Added new option, "Use Portal Mail Service" in Email Notification page.

New Feature: Changed the way we digitally sign EXE files from SignCode to the newer SignTool.

New Feature: Trial warning message can be customized on Web Manager.

Fix: Fixed design issues in EMail Notification, Build Installer, and Edit User pages.

Fix: Fixed text issue, from "Accounts" to "Partner" in partner login for Multitenant edition.

Fix: Added more detailed logs in WebMonitor and some other pages.

Fix: Fixed the issue in the Web Manager's Plans page, the maximum Quota and Trial Days limit for trial plan is set based on the value in the license file. Also fixed the validation issues on the same page.

Fix: Web page alignments on all user report pages.

UI-Design Changes to correct minor display issues in various browsers:

1. Fixed design issues in WebManagerSetup Page.

2. Fixed design issues in WebRestore page (in IE)

3. Fixed design issues in About page (in IE)

4. Fixed design issues in Customize Client Installer's Customize HelpDesk page (in IE)

5. Fixed design issues in New Account page (Controls width alignment)

6. Fixed design issues in Account Groups page (Page Size alignment)

7. Fixed design issues in Edit Account Groups page (Controls width)

8. Fixed design issues in New User page (Controls width alignment)

9. Fixed design issues in Edit User page (Controls width alignment)

10. Fixed design issue in User Listing Report's Email field

11. Fixed design issues in Usage Summary Report

12. Fixed design issues in Executive Summary Report

13. Fixed design issues in EMail Notification Log page

14. Fixed design issues in Web Monitor page

15. Fixed design issues in Advanced Client Options page

16. Fixed design issues in EMail Notification page

17. Fixed design issues in Setup - Properties page

18. Fixed design issues in Customize ClientInstaller's Branding page

19. Fixed design issues in Customize Client Installer's Branding - More Advanced Options page

20. Fixed design issues in Customize Client Installer's Advanced Customization page

21. Fixed design issues in Customize Client Installer's Client Options page

22. Fixed design issues in Customize ClientInstaller's Backup Sets page

23. Fixed design issues in SignUp page

24. Fixed design issues in Coupons page

25. Fixed design issues in Plans page

26. Fixed design issues in Download Help Files page

27. Fixed design issues in Reports - Usage Summary, User Session, User Quota, Disk Resources, Transaction, User Listing & Executive SUmmary Report.

Various Functionality Issues fixed:

1. Empty the textbox values while clicking clear in Payment Gateway Setup page.

2. Removed timestamp and show only date in Disk Resources Report's Last Backup Date column

3. Fixed issue while clicking Export to Excel in Executive Summary Report

4. Fixed the issue in Transaction Report, set default value to Date is filed on page load

5. Fixed the issue showing coupon menu & Transaction Report in Account Group's login when E-Commerce is disabled

6. Fixed the issue deleting customization files while deleting a Partner (Multitenant Edition)

7. Fixed the issue in Save Settings based on Account Groups in EMail Notification page

8. Fixed the issue in showing plans in Buy Now page (Multitenant Edition)

9. Fixed the issue in label name (Multitenant Edition) in Forgot Password page

10. Fixed the issue in SignUp page to allow period(.) in Username field and allow single quotes(') in FirstName, LastName, Address, city and State fields.

11. Fixed the issue in Executive Summary Report to show data in datewise descending order

12. Fixed the issue in showing Welcome User and Web Manager Logs in Web Monitor page

Web Manager

Release 11.09.001 July 2 2013

New Email Notification - Trial Expired - Added a new class of email notification called "Trial Expired." This is sent at the end of a trial period.

New: Added Paging In the Ini editor Grid At the bottom and top.

New: Advanced Customization tab now has options to set message and url for the Client's new Trial Expired message box.

Fix: Multilingual - Fixes made on Web Manager Multilingual for Admin & Account login.

Fix: Setup Menu - Setup Menu controls did not work in some isolated cases.

Fix: No "Success" Message - When creating a new user it didn't show the "Success" message.

Fix: Missing Langue Editor - Language Editor was missing in Web Monitor menu.

Fix: Header misallignment - alignment issues fixed on main menu and header in Web Monitor menu.

Fix: Language INI Files - Language ini files were not updated properly on upgrade.

Fix: Buy Now Section Alignment - "Buy Now" page control alignment missing in plans page.

Fix: Default "Buy Now" Selection - While creating a new plan the "Display on Buy Now" selection is now selected by default.

Fix: Validiation Issues - Validation issues in server logs, Ini Editor, and Customize Client installer pages fixed.

Fix: Language Updates - An update was made in the Web Manager Customize Client Installer to make sure the "German" and "Spanish" language settings are updated properly.

Release 11.09.000 May 21 2013

New: Admin and account group login are now made Multilingual.

New: Admin can now set portal default language and can restrict users to default language.

On the Admin Panel - Setup - Web manager setup - Other settings.

"Default language" - Web manager admin can set portal default language.

"Allow users to set language preferences" - check this option and select the languages that you want the customers to use.

New : Language Translator is added to edit and change the text of all the pages. Multilingual module can now accept new languages and customers can edit and change the entire site.

Login in to web manager Admin panel - Setup - Web manager setup - Other settings

"Show language translator" - when this option is selected, the entire site (all the pages) will have a "Translate" button on the top right corner, which can be used to edit and translate the content of the page.

Also, you can go to "Language translator" from Setup - Web manager Setup - Language translator.

New: You can now add any number of new languages and translate all the pages. To add a new language, login to the web manager admin panel - Setup - Web manager - Setup - Language translator - "Add new language." Using the Language Translator you and now edit and translator all the pages to new language.

Fix: "Unable to load settings" with Edit user page.

Fix: Rare issue fixed "Unable to download client installer" while building new client installer.

Fix: Minor design changes made in Web Manager Monitor page.

Fix: Fixed Web manager reporter issues. All the reports are more organized and displayed in proper order.

Fix: Minor aliment issues fixed in the web manager reports.

Web Manager

Release 11.07.008 February 6 2013

New: End user login is now multilingual ( Currently supports German Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, French, Italian and Swedish).

Partners can now set the default language (Web manager - Setup - Web Manager setup - "Default Language", which will be set for all users including the existing users). New users can set their own language. Partners can even make changes to the language file (RBS Server - Web - Web manager - Custom)

New: Customers can now hide plans from the "Buy Now" page using a new option, "Display on Buy Now Page"

New: Changes made to work better on IE9

Fix: Reports are now aligned better to match the UI.

Fix: Fixed some paypal payment gateway issues reported by customers.

Fix: Fixed a rare issue on edit account group page.

Fix: Changes made for password reset "Forgot password"

Web Manager

Release 11.07.003 November 20 2012

Fix: Client locks showed incorrectly for Personal & Desktop editions clients.

New: Fixed the issue in quota calculation. It calculates based on the registry key "QuotaCon" settings now.

New: Added new dialog box warning user that not backing up to Server could limits restore ability of service provider

Web Manager

Release 11.07.000 October 9 2012

New Email Notification - Monitor Service - A new email notification has been added which emails the Admin if the RBS Monitor Service is stopped.

Multiple RBS Servers - The Web Manager can now monitor multiple RBS Servers. Multiple Servers can be used for load balancing and failover.

Cloud Services Enabled - Enabled Cloud Services in the Web interface.

Enabled No Encryption/Compression - Enabled the Web interface to include options for No Encryption and No Compression.

Monitor and Restart RBS Server - The Web Manager will now monitor and restart any monitored RBS Server if it is stopped, and it will send an email notification.


Corrected restore interface display for very large filenames.

Inhibited entering a quota value if Unlimited is selected.

Enhanced Server Send Diagnostics - We added more data to the server-side Send Diagnostics feature which will help diagnose problems much quicker.

Changed the calculation value for 1KB to equal 1024 bytes instead of 1000 bytes.

Inhibited the user quota from exceeding the group quota.

Added compressed file sizes to the log.

Corrected inconsistency in the Pause button.

Inhibited multiple task scheduler jobs running simultaneously.

Added a "Save" button to the Exchange login window on the RBackup Client.

Fixed a rare issue preventing backups of root level mailboxes.

Fixed a rare issue where the Exchange 2010 mailbox config failed to create a temporary path.

Fixed a logging error, "Overflow (6)" during preparation phase.

Fixed a rare error hanging while doing a Copy to Disk backup if a file exceeds the Maximum File Size set for the Backup Set.

Fixed an error that caused possible incorrect reporting if the Session ID was reused after Cancel Backup.

Corrected a formatting error in the Zip Code validation field in Web Manager.

Corrected an error that sometimes caused the Client to start in Advanced Interface mode when Simple Interface was selected in Web Manager.

Version 11.05.006
Release Date: April 11 2012

Web Manager ( Stand alone and militenant version)

Enhancement: When SSL is enabled it will reflect on all the pages. Previously SSL was enabled only for transaction pages.

Enhancement: Compressed size can now be hidden from Partners and users reports (Admin Login - Setup - Web Manager Setup - Allow compressed file size - True/False )

Fix: Partner login - Changes made under Advanced Customization tab were not updated to client installer.

Enchancement: Enhancements made to Web manager monitor Auto-refresh to better display real time backup progress status.

Fix: Encryption key print out missing the warning messages.

Fix: Admin and Partner login - backup setup changes were sometimes lost when page was navigated to next tab.

Fix: Admin login - RBS Manager properties changes were sometimes lost when the page was navigated to next tab.

Fix: Fixed new registration email failures.

Fix: Fixed emails issues in Plan migration and user cancelation.

Fix: Fixed Browser compatibility problem with Backup Set page.

Version 11.05.006
Release Date: April 11 2012

Trial to live conversion: Trial users can now log into the portal and migrate to any LIVE plan by making payment online. Customers can now migrate to plans tied to any account group, without reinstalling the client software. Client username and password DOES NOT Change.

More client customizations added to the Multitenant version, Account groups are now converted to "Partners" in the Multitenant version.

The Multitenancy feature when enabled, allows Partners to have all the features to customize, brand and build their own client installers. Customizable features that are enabled for Partners include - customization of graphics, customizing backup and client options, customizing help files and client installer settings, customization of email settings and notifications, templates, and Payment Gateway.

Live Demo: Service providers (especially Multitenant) can setup live demo credentials for the portal (Setup - Web Manager Setup, Enable Live Demo and Set Demo Credentials ).

Using demo credentials customers can view all the pages in the portal (live data will be disabled.) The Multitenant demo will allow the service providers to show a demo of partners login.

Here is our demo web site:

Plan Migration - Users (Live and Trial) can now migrate to plans that are tied to different account groups as well.

Cancel subscription: When a customer cancels his subscription, any recurring payment tied to the customer's account will also be canceled automatically.

A button to create Default Client Installer is added under Setup - Customize Client Installer.

A button to setup the Helpdesk (Customize HelpDesk) has been added.

New Features added in custom menus : Features like Custom Sub-Menu Option under Help Menu, Custom Top-Level Menu Options, Backup Settings, Bit Backup, and More Advanced Options are added in Customize Client Installer page.

"Backup Set" is added under Customize Client Installer

Admin can now delete the client account and remove the clients root directory.

When a suspended user logs in, he is shown a message, "Your account has been suspended. Please contact administrator for further details" along with the site admin email (Admin login - Setup - Web manager setup - email address), also menu options will be grayed out.

Fix: Account groups now start out with blank plans

Fix: Search plans issue fixed.

Fix: A price of $0.00 can be set for live plans.

Fix: Error during Web Manager setup while creating a new path C:\Program Files (x86)\RBS Server\Web\Web Manager

Fix: Client Installer - Customization and branding - More Advanced Option. Some Option disabled - Account Group

Fix: Setup - Customize Client Installer - Backup Sets - Backup Type/Schedule - When "month and once only" is selected the "Start time" is disabled

Fix: Setup - Customize Client Installer - Backup Sets - Backup Exclusion - update is now working correctly.

Fix: Setup - Customize Client Installer - Backup Sets - Backup Type/Scheduler - "Purge if deleted/Unmarked" and "File Selection". These two options now change correctly.

Fix: On Backup type/schedule tab - Bit Backup "Differential mode" can now be selected.

Fix: New user Welcome notification issues fixed.

Fix : Errors while redirecting from the reinstall page to the reports fixed.

Fix : Error on Sign In page fixed (My Account link)

Fix: error on Help - About fixed.

Fix: client upgrade error fixed.

Fix: Email notifications error "Input string was not in a correct format" fixed.

Version 11.02.009
Release Date: (November 1 2011)

New Feature: Multi Tenancy (This feature is an add-on and must be purchased separately)

The Multi Tenancy feature when enabled, allows Account Group Administrators to have all the features to Customize, Brand and Build their own Client installers. Customizable features that are enabled for Account Group include - Customization of graphics, Customizing backup and client options, Customizing Help Files and Client Installer settings, Customization of Email Settings/Notifications & Templates, and Payment Gateway.

Support for multiple front-end RBS Servers

A single instance of Web Manager can now monitor more than one RBS Server. Contact Technical Support for installation instructions.

Enhanced Security

  • Changes made to field validation and query optimization to avoid SQL Injections.
  • Removed plain text query strings in URLs.
  • Added Direct Access to Account group from Admin login

    Added options for Administrator to upload customized Help Files (Formats supported are .CHM & .DOC) for clients to download. (Menu: Help -> Download/Reload Help)

    Support for Email Setting Configuration by Account Group (for Admin Login)

    You can configure email notifications per Account Group. To enable this feature, add the following registry key:

    Registry Branch: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quantum Tech, Inc.\RBS Server\Enotify
    Registry Key (String): "UseAccount"
    Value: "True"

    When the above key is set to True, you will find a drop-down box listing all Account Groups under Email Notifications setup page, to configure email settings/notifications per Account Group.

    Bug Fixes & Other Changes

  • User Listing Report: When clicking on 'View' opened a new window but didn't have any data. Fixed this.
  • Fixed an issue with Orders page to show a message for deleted user accounts when editing a user account.
  • Payment Gateway (and Coupons) page had 'Next' and 'Prev' options though there were only 5 or lesser items to show. Changed this to only display if there are more than 5 items to view.
  • Removed 'Customize Database' option under View - Plans page.
  • Fixed minor issue with updating existing Coupons.
  • Fixed configuration issues with Email Notifications.
  • "Start Mode" option was available in two locations (under 'Customization and Branding' and 'Advanced Client Options'). Fixed this.
  • Default page displayed for Account logins changed to 'Dashboard'.
  • Corrected issues with graphic files upload (ICO and BMP file uploads).
  • Email Notifications - 'Try Test Email' reports status of email notification being sent.
  • Links didn't work on Plan page, fixed this.
  • Fixed issues with Client Auto-update feature. Upgrade.txt is not configured properly, and upgrade files are cleared first and then recreated on update.
  • Field validation added to all pages.
  • Formatting and alignment issues fixed on multiple pages.
  • Changes to Payment Gateway page to filter payment gateways by Account Group if Multi Tenancy is turned on.

    Version 11.02.006
    Release Date: (June 1 2011)

    Added log files to track every event's status in web manager.

    The logs are named in two forms: WebManager_(datetime) and Transaction_(datetime)

    Transaction_(datetime) - It contains the logs for all the transaction pages (i.e.,) the pages with payment gateway.

    WebManager_(datetime) - It contains logs of the pages other than transaction pages.

    Manually set a key in the registry,

    "~\Quantum Tech, Inc.\RBS Server\Settings\WMLogLevel".

    If the key value is set to 0, the log doesn't show any error information. If it is set to 1, it shows error information.

    Added 4 features in Setup -> Web Manager Setup page.

  • Default location for Client Exe: Make sure the new folder location exists. All Client exe files will be removed from the old location and same will be created in the new location when the client applies for reinstall.
  • Allow users to upgrade plan: When it is set to True, all the new clients will be able to upgrade their plan.
  • Allow users to downgrade plans: When it is set to True, all the new clients will be able to downgrade their plan.
  • Purge Log Files: Set the number of days to purge log files in Setup / Web Manager Setup page in Web Manager.
  • Added new links in Logs / Web Manager Log. You can now see the status of all the Web Manager's events.

    Made minor changes to the email template for Change Plan.

    Made minor changes to the email template for Buy More Storage.

    Created new email template for Failed Payment.

    Added options to customize the settings in template files Change Plan, Buy More Storage & Failed Payment in Email Notifications page.

    Added additional validations while deleting the House Account group.

    Show the Payment term info in signup page.

    While deleting, now validates plans which belong to another user in the Plans page.

    Validate trial plans which should not be present in Change Plan option.

    Maintain the web manager version info in registry instead of from database, as follows.

    RegistryKey Path - "~\Quantum Tech, Inc.\Versions\webman"

  • Version 11.02.004
    Release Date: (February 3 2011)

    User Upgrade Package:

  • New: An end user upgrade package (a single .EXE file) will apply all upgrades. The upgrade package can be downloaded from the regular Software Upgrades location.
  • Home Page:

  • Fix: When clicking the Plans in Free Trial Menu Item, it was sometimes giving an Error.
  • SignUp Form:

  • New: Disable Payments if the Plan Amount is Zero
  • Fix: Currency casting Exception, where it gives error in part of currency.
  • Fix: PayFlowPro failure should not proceed to Download Page. This is changed.
  • Fix: Changes to the PayPal module for better error checking.
  • Fix: Added PayPal LoginEmail Field for PayPal.
  • New: SSL enabled.
  • New: While choosing country other than US, state will be changed to 'others' and a textbox appears.
  • New: Log the events while signing up users, for tracking PayPal issues.
  • Accounts:


  • Fix: Removed "Create New Plan" Link in NewUser.aspx
  • New: When you click the trial plan under plans, it shows up the number of trial days
  • Fix: While editing the user it was showing the grid table and this issue is fixed.
  • Fix: Edit Button was not working sometimes in Manage Users
  • Fix: When clicking Remote Management for the user, it was sometimes giving an error message
  • New: Suspended account group cannot login into their profile.
  • New: Locks are disabled as per the Client edition
  • New: Displays a message when there is no plan for the selected account group.
  • New: For trial plan, display the trial period when registering a new user.
  • New: Change Text in Cancel Button to Clear
  • New: Add checkboxes for bulk actions to suspend/activate users.
  • New: Enable SSL.
  • New: PlanID is displayed instead of PlanName in User's Email, while creating NewUser.
  • New: Download link for client exe is changed while creating NewUser.
  • Remote Management:

  • New: Added Edition Information & Message
  • New: Added Back Button to Manage Users
  • Fix: Email setting is changed in "Broadcast Email". Email is sent to users.
  • Account Group:

  • New: Change Text in Cancel Button to Clear
  • Fix: Quota field is removed.
  • Fix: Remove Root Directory Field
  • Fix: Edit Button was not working in Manage Account Group
  • New: Suspended account group cannot login into their profile.
  • New: Enable SSL
  • Monitor:

  • New: Instead of error message, a warning is displayed if the Monitor is off
  • Dashboard:

  • Fix: Backup Status Graph - It should be clickable
  • Logs:

  • Fix: ViewLogs shows blank page (AuditLogs & EmailNoftificationLog)
  • Fix: When log display is clicked, it show only one scroll bar instead of two.
  • Reports:

  • New: While changing Date Field the From & To field now change - TransactionReport.aspx
  • Setup:


  • New: Discount Field should not accept more than 100%
  • Payment Gateway:

  • Fix: Save Button was not working sometimes. Fixed.
  • New: Add PayPal LoginEmail Field for PayPal & Validate it
  • New: Enable SSL
  • Plans:

  • Fix: Days should not enable while set Trial Mode to No
  • Properties:

  • Fix: When we change the input in properties window it was not updating.
  • New: Option to Turn On Event Logging for Server and Client.
  • Customize Installer:

  • Fix: CustomizeIcons Preview in Display was sometimes not working
  • New: Remove InstallerPath Field & Change Button Field
  • New: Remove Back Button when clicking CustomizeDB button in Plans
  • New: Locks are disabled as per the edition
  • New: Customize installer now loads the backup server URL on the first load.
  • New: Add an editor for the pre- and post- batch files.
  • New: Option to Turn On Event Logging for Server and Client.
  • New: Option to Turn On Advanced Mode.
  • New: Add a Client Upgrades function
  • New: Added languages Hungarian and Canadian French
  • Email Notification:

  • New: Email setting is changed in "Broadcast Email". Email is sent to users.
  • Fix: File upload was not working in broadcast Email.
  • Client Upgrade:

  • New: Add a Client Upgrades function
  • Help:

  • New: Displays a warning message when the monitor is stopped.
  • New: Send Diagnostics Button
  • Sign In Page:

  • New: A column is added in transaction table named "Version".
  • New: PaymentGatewayAccount table with "AccountEmailId" programmatically.
  • New: Option to enable/disable help files for Account & User login.
  • New: SSL included.
  • User Login:

    Buy More Space:

  • New: Enabled payment gateways that are active.
  • New: SSL enabled.
  • Change Storage Plan:

  • New: Enabled payment gateways that are active.
  • New: Hide Payment gateway when the amount is zero.
  • New: SSL enabled.
  • Cancel Account:

  • New: Display message is changed when subscription cancelled successfully.
  • User Home:

  • New: SSL enabled.
  • Account Groups Login:

  • New: Enabled PreBatch/PostBatch files.
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