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Change Log

Current Versions

RBackup11.10.005September 23 2014
Web Manager11.10.005September 23 2014
E-Commerce PlugIn11.10.005September 23 2014

Change log for v11.10.005:


New: Minor Changes made to image backup set UI settings to better show drive properties.

New: New enhancements made to portal connector to make it more secure and efficient.

New: Logs added for hot site backup. The Client backup log will have the destination server details.

New: Added a new warning message for "Purge if Unmarked/Deleted".

New: New override added to enhance the scanning process especially for a very large number of files - "OverrideScan". Value should be "True" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE \Quantum Tech, Inc.\Remote Backup\Settings. This is recommended only for very large file backups.

New: Performance tuning done on preparation and transfer stages.

Update: Enhancements were made in the Client advanced interface to handle zip and cab files.

Fix: In rare cases the Client backup preparation stage failed.

Fix: Large file restore issue fixed.

Fix: Fixed rare cases of Error 6 Overflow exception on Full Image backup.

Fix: In rare cases the SQL backup integrity check failed.

Fix: Fixed issues with the Client Restore utility, especially after upgrading from older versions.

Fix: Updates made to the 256 character file handlers to support a large number of files.

Fix: In rare cases the Client would hang after completing a backup (espically BitBackup).

Fix: Orphaned files are now cleared from the server when files are deleted using "delete files from server - especially BitBackup files.

Fix: Rare cases of backup set auto save failure.

Fix: Fixed issues with file size updates on the RBS Server.

Fix: Exchange mail box level plug-in updated to handle new Exchange 2010 and 2013 mail box level backup errors.

Fix: Delete files from server will wake up with the currently selected backup set as the default.

Fix: Changes made in the Client to avoid scanning C/vhd file by default.

Fix: In rare cases the Client can fail to auto-failover from Primary to Hot Site and back.

Fix: Changes were made in the restore interface to load only a valid location for Full Image backups.

Fix: Some Client Locks were not being properly applied.

RBS Server

New: A Notifications log report added to the RBS manager reports.

New: An option was added to upload the end-userlicense agreement.

Update: Hot site server processing and storage capability increased, along with 24/7 auto-deploy and retire request processing

Fix: Error: (94):Invalid use of Null at UpdateClientInfo fixed.

Fix: Issues with Server, Desktop and Personal Edition locks fixed.

Fix: In some rare cases changes to email notifications settings did not get updated properly.

>Fix: RBS Server logs cleanup.

Fix: RBS Server duplicate missed email notifications fixed (Especially when the cloud path was missing.)

Fix: Fixed the issue "varchar data type" in the RBS Server.

Fix: Rare cases of the Client root files getting deleted when the user or account group is deleted.

Fix: Remote management lock updates done for desktop edition.

Fix: Printing reports issues with server 2003 fixed.

Fix: Cleaned up some RBS Server messages. Removed all debug messages from RBS server along with the entry in audit log.

Fix: Minor reports issues fixed with RBS Manager and WebManager.

Fix: Fixed an error in opening the help documents in Windows 8 (in advanced mode).

Fix: Disk Restore Utility file selection lockup issue fixed.

Fix: Customize client installer "Use Loctaor" setting was not saved properly.

Fix: Rare cases of the RBS Server's ODBC settings being incorrect with RBS Server SQL connector.

Change log for v11.10.004:


New: Added automatic exclusions for reserved filenames (PRN, CON, AUX, etc)

New: Added automatic domain name retrieval for Exchange logins.

New: Updated the client's authentication module to support automatic failover to an RBS Hot Site (if turned on by the Partner).

New: Added automatic Windows Admin login for the Client software to support image backups.

New: Added scheduling to the Full Image Backup so it can now run unattended and scheduled.

New: Added a test for cloud storage availability during image backup, adding an exception in the log and the session$info file.

Mod: Added intelligence to the Full Image Backup utility that allows it to quit when a backup is cancelled manually.

Fix: Fixed the Send Diagnostics feature.

Fix: Corrected an issue with purging old full image backups.

Fix: Corrected an issue with the restore log, which was failing to properly record full image backup sets.

Fix: Made full image backups correctly record their sizes in the Catalog file during preparation.

Fix: Corrected sync of full image backup file size between client and server.

Fix: Corrected saving admin login credentials to task scheduler settings.

Fix: Fixed token data generated to identify a Client installation and prevent installing the same username on different computers.

Fix: Fixed a rare Registration Wizard error in frmBackupSet.LocOptions.

Fix: Fixed a rare issue causing the tray icon to disappear.

Fix: Fixed an issue preventing all backup sets to be listed in the Simple Interface's dropdown menu.

Fix: Folder structure was sometimes not being created properly on restore redirect.

Fix: Fixed a rare condition causing the RBSUpdate utility to fail to load from the Client interface.


New: Added a Portal Connector. When turned on it monitors the RBS Server and synchronizes its files with the Partner's Portal. This will support new Portal features like mobile monitoring, reporting and control of RBS Servers, automatic Server backups and failover to the RBS Hot Site, and more.

New: Added a Foreign Login feature to be used to support client auto-failover to an RBS Hot Site.

New: Added Backup Set name to User Sessions Report.

New: Added automatic SQL Import/Export to support the upcoming new Mirror Server.

Fix: Further strengthened a previous fix for a licensing issue.

Fix: Fixed the Send Diagnostics feature.

Fix: Corrected problems with the Email Notifications when reporting on Cloud Backup.

Fix: RBS Server DBConvert had a minor issue updating a table.

Change log for v11.10.002:


Fix: In rare cases the RBclient software dlls does not get registered at the time of upgrade.

Fix: Client rbstoken location reference changed.

Fix: Registration Wizard failure with the new version of client fixed.

Fix: Changes made to Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 login method to use Server name only instead of FULL FQDN.

Fix: Multilingual changes made to restore interface.

Fix: When changes made to the Full Image backup drive selections it is automatically saved to the backup set.

Fix: Image backup "Excp: 9 Subscript out of range" error message fixed.

RBS Server

Update: Updates made to RBS Server licensing module to handle license failures.

Fix: Minor text changes in RBS Manager.

Update: Changes made to RBS Server and RBS Manager to avoid to miscalculation of files transferred to RBS Server (Some cases RBS Manager shows "Zero" files transferred).

RBackup11.10.000April 10 2014
Web Manager11.10.000April 10 2014
E-Commerce PlugIn11.10.000April 10 2014

Change log for v11.10.000:


New Feature: Full Image Backup and Restore - Sometimes called "Bare Metal Restore" or BMR, this feature backs up an entire volume to a local drive, writing its backup file as a standard VHD file that can be directly mounted, if needed. This feature can restore its VHD file to bare metal (a brand new computer,) making it bootable - an exact copy of the original volume.

New Feature: Back up and restore Virtual Machines - VMWare version 8.0 and greater can now be backed up and restored. Backup files can be sent encrypted and compressed, or not encrypted and not compressed. They can be restored at the RBS Server and directly mounted in the Cloud for a super-fast disaster recovery.

New Feature: Back up and restore NTFS Permissions - Added a new option to backup NTFS permissions along with files and folders. While restoring the files with the client restore utility, the permissions for the files are applied automatically. Permission files will are shown as separate in the restore window, and can be restored independently of files.

New Feature: New Exchange 2013 PlugIn - This new PlugIn backs up and restores Exchange 2013 granularly. The Exchange server must be updated to latest service pack.

New Feature: New Email Notification for Drive Missing in Cloud Backup - A new email notification can be sent if the cloud backup location is unavailable at the time of the backup.

New Feature: NetReady - We have added a new option for scheduling backups called NetReady. When selected, the Client software will monitor the network connection and start a backup as soon as it finds the Internet. This was added to support laptops that travel and are connected only intermittently, and may not be left on overnight.

New Feature: Dynamic Localization Settings - The multi-Language module has been replaced with one that makes it much easier to change and add languages. New languages can now be added simply by editing INI files. Currently supported languages are English US, French Canadian, German, Hungarian, Albanian, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

New Feature: New email notification when Cloud Backup location is unavailable. - This email is triggered when Cloud Backup is selected, and the Cloud location is unavailable.

Mod: Changed the default bandwidth throttle for the RBS Client to 50 MBPS.

Mod: Changed BitBackup Options Read-Only - BitBackup related options are disabled if the backup type is set to Full, Incremental or Differential. These options are now enabled only when the BitBackup backup type is selected.

Fix: Catalog Synchronization with Purge deletes files from catalog when using cloud storage. - Fixed the issues on Manual Synchronization update. Manual Sync would remove the entry from the catalog table even though the files exist in the Local or Cloud location. The issue only happened if the user selected Local only or Cloud only as the backup location. The Client would scan only the server location to sync the catalog entries with the backup files. The new fix will scan the files from Local and Cloud location and do the synchronization.

Fix: XP Pro Run-time error 521: Cannot open Clipboard - Clip board error was sometimes thrown from the Encryption form during new user registration on Windows XP Pro. Applied error handling to resolve the issue.

Fix: Restoring catalog from older version - Query errors. - This issue would appear on the Web Restore or Server side restore utility when the client was using an old version. Automatic database update option was enabled for missing table variables in the current version.

Fix: Restore Interface - Unable to connect to server - Previously restores would sometimes end with errors and no option to resume. This was fixed by applying error traps to resume the failed restore files when the server is reconnected.

Fix: Exchange 2010 Issue - Err:424 Description: Object required. - Fixed the error when connecting to the Exchange 2010 PlugIn.

Fix: Catalog Synchronization with Purge sometimes deleted files from catalog when using cloud storage. - Fixed the issues on Manual Synchronization update. Manual Sync would remove entries from the catalog even though the files exist in the Local or Cloud location. The issue only happened if the user selected Local only or Cloud only as their backup location. Earlier, RBclient would scan only the server location to sync the catalog entries with the backup files. The new change will scan the files from Local and Cloud location and do the synchronization.


New Feature: Account group override - This new feature allows bypassing the Account Group during login authentication. This removes the Account Group from user credentials, allowing a single client installer to be used for all accout groups. Users can now be moved from one account group to another on the Server side without reinstalling the Client or changing its account group settings on the Client.

Mod: Change "Credits" to "Licenses" - We have changed "Credits" to "Licenses" to avoid confusion. Licenses work exactly the same way as Credits. The only change has been in the naming convention.

Fix: CODE: N100 Contact Remote Backup Systems (and other license and activation errors) - These pesky errors started popping up about six months ago and have become worse over time due to increased load on RBS license servers. We have fixed the errors and added capacity to ensure this doesn't become a problem again.

Partner's Portal

New Feature: MSI Installer Option - We have added a new option which makes the Partner's Portal create an MSI installer package when building Client installers.

Mod: Change "Credits" to "Licenses" - We have changed "Credits" to "Licenses" to avoid confusion. Licenses work exactly the same way as Credits. The only change has been in the naming convention.

Fixed problems with the software updates functions which caused some users to get a message, "You have already downloaded this version."

The Backup Sets tab Local and Cloud options are now enabled based on the setup in the Advanced tab. To enable Local & Cloud options in Backup Sets tab, set Local path and Cloud path in the Advanced tab.

Fixed the Status message not showing while creating "New Backupset" in the Backup Sets page.

Added locks for "Cloud Services" in Options tab Client Locks.

Fixed Pause Mode showing twice in Options & Advanced tab. It is now removed in Advanced tab.

Disabled the "Build Installer" button for the second time in the Build Client Installer page. The Build Installer button will be disabled once clicked, to avoid clicking again and again.

Fixed some UI design issues - All textbox & help image moved on mouse click in the Branding tab.

Fixed the Options tab Start Mode, which was not updated properly to the rbackup.reg file.

Fixed the Local Mirror & Cloud status which was not updated properly to the clsetup.ini file.

Fixed the BackupSet tab warning message while disabling the server, which keeped showing even after clicking the Save button.

Fix: Clear the username and passwored fields in the BackupSet tab, when the Local System Account is checked.

Fix: Maintain scroll position during post back of page in all the pages.

Changed the text style "*Your first password is your serial number".

Fixed an alignment problem in the Partner Portal - "Your maintenance has expired! Renew Maintenance".

Fixed an incorrect message, "Your maintenance has expired! Renew Maintenance." Warning message issued on the software upgrades page, reported by a few Partners.

Fixed Client Locks issue in Partner Portal's Client Customization : Options page - Added new locks for VMbackup & Full Image Backup plugins.

Fixed various spelling errors

RBackup11.09.004December 30 2013
Web Manager11.09.004December 30 2013
E-Commerce PlugIn11.09.004December 30 2013

(Web PlugIns Change Log is Here)

This release contains a number of fixes and component upgrades, and some new features requested by Partners.

RBackup Client

New Feature: Exchange 2010 Mailbox Backups (several changes) - The Exchange module can now automatically detect and backup new subfolders included with a mailbox (If the mailbox is included in the backupset), Which enables users to exclusively restore a particular sub folder with a mailbox. This feature is turned OFF by default, as it increases the mailbox scanning time by 10%, especially in a mail store with a large number of mailboxes.

To enable this feature set the registry key:

"SOFTWARE\Quantum Tech, Inc.\Remote Backup\Plugins\Exchange Server\EInclude" = "True"

You can now set the Exchange module to automatically scan and Include/Exclude the subfolders with this key:

"SOFTWARE\Quantum Tech, Inc.\Remote Backup\Plugins\Exchange Server\RMBox" = " True"

New Feature: More than 256 character file paths - The Client can now handle file and folder combined lengths of more than 256 characters. The Client can now backup and restore to the original location, even when the original location cannot be accessed by windows explorer because of Windows' limit of 256 characters in a file path.

Fix: Automatic updates for the Client - Changes have been made to force client to check for automatic updates from the RBS Server when the backups are scheduled under the System Account. Now there will be popup message if there is new version of client software available.

Fix: Cannot print encryption certificate - New to 11.9.3, possibly due to a misbehaving rdpclip.exe on system. In rare cases the client throws a run time error 521 while displaying the encryption key.

Fix: SQL differential backups - Sometimes the SQL module did not honor the "Roll forward threshold" settings and continues doing differential backups. Fixed.

Fix: When a network drive is disconnected, it sometimes still shows up in the client advanced interface. - Fixed.

Fix: System State and Active Directory purge settings - In rare cases Active Directory and System State backups did not honor the purge and retention settings. Fixed.

Fix: Client side restore issues with AES 256 encryption files - In very rare cases the Client would fail to automatically restore files encrypted with AES-256. These files could be restored manually.

Fix: Send Diagnostics - Send diagnostics from the client has been updated to send complete logs, along with session information, directly to RBS technicians.

RBackup Server

New Feature: Added a Hard Quota setting. - Now account groups can be set for a hard quota (RBS Manager - Accounts - Edit account.) The RBS Server will not accept backups from any client in the group after the hard quota is exceeded.

New Feature: Reports now show size of backups in the Local and Cloud locations. - The RBS Manager now reports Local and cloud backup details. A new column was added to the User Summary, User Session and User Quota reports.

New Feature: RBSManager and WebManager - Added a feature to remove the client token from the database. - You can now authorize reinstallation of a particular client or clients in account groups. Only authorized clients can reinstall using the same credentials (RBS Manager - Accounts - Edit User - Reinstall).

New Feature: Server side restore can now handle more than 256 character file paths. - RBS Server side restore can now handle file and folder combined length more than 256 char. You can now restore to the original location even when the original location cannot be accessed by Windows Explorer.

New Feature: Manager - Inhibit writing Client installers into the \client\ folder - The RBS Manager now restricts creating client installers to the default Client installer directory (C:/programfiles/RBS Server/Client)

Fix: Web and Disk Restore utilities (rbrestorecontrol.exe) - In rare cases the Web and disk restore utilities failed to work on new machines. Fixed.

Fix: License file not created automatically - Changes were made in the RBS Server license authentication module to speed up the authentication process and stop athentication errors.

Fix: Group disable/enable issued on Enotify - In case of multitenant email notifications, when you set "Use Portal SMTP Service" for any account group, all the account group notifications used the portal SMTP service instead of their own SMTP service.

Fix: Server Side Restore issues with AES-256 encrypted files - In very rare cases the Server would fail to automatically restore files encrypted with AES-256. These files could be restored manually.

RBackup11.09.003September 5 2013
Web Manager11.09.003September 5 2013
E-Commerce PlugIn11.09.003September 5 2013

(Web PlugIns Change Log is Here)

This release is fairly major. It fixes a number of issues with all applications, adds better compatability with the latest Microsoft releases and updates, and adds suppport for the new Monthly License Subscription Model.

RBackup Client

New Feature: Added new registry entries to restrict SUSPENDED CLIENTS from hammering the RBS Server. This prevents expired and deleted clients from continuing to try to log in.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quantum Tech, Inc.\Remote Backup\Settings

MAX_TRIES : This registry key value sets the maximum number of server connection attempts.

TRIES : For each connection failure, the Tries value will be increased by 1. Once the Tries value reaches the max_Tries value, Rbclient will stop trying automatically.

Any successful login, including a Test connection, will reset the value of Tries to zero, allowing the Client to resume attempting to connect to its Server. Any Admin login will reset the value of Tries to zero - the master admin login or the end user's login.

In this release, these key values are not added to the registry. If you want to use them, add them to your rbackup.reg file.

The RBackup Client attempts to contact its Server about every 90 seconds after a failed attempt to log in. So, a value of 1,920 for MAX_TRIES will set the Client to attempt to contact its server for 48 hours before giving up.

New Changes: Text changes on Generate Key for Blowfish encryption method:

Old Text: Enter Number of Characters for Blowfish Key Generation (from 1 to 56 characters)

New Text:  

Important! Enter the number of characters for BLOWFISH key generation (from 1 to 56 characters)

TIP! Our default is set to 16 characters, this would be a safe selection if you are unsure what to input.

Fix: Sometimes the Personal edition Client was not backing up default file selections. This has been corrected.

Fix: Delete files from server was not working for BitBackup backup type and sometimes failed to remove the deleted file info from the catalog. Both the issues are fixed in this version.

Fix: Auto update from Partner Portal was not working. This is fixed in the current version. Auto-update for client will work for clients after upgrading the client to current version.

Fix: Error "Error Invalid procedure call" during the Client purge routine FIXED

Fix: Decryption error during start up for clients installed from Web Manager Sign up page - FIXED.

RBS Server and RBS Manager

New Feature: Added support for Monthly Credits (Licenses) licensing model. This is a new licensing model that can be used as an alternative to our standard Permanent Credits (Licenses) model. See this page for more information on how the Monthly Credits (Licenses) licensing model works.


When License balance is zero, stop the server and display a message that it is out of monthly Licenses (Credits), with a button to order more. Here is the text of the messagebox:

Your Server has run out of monthly Licenses and cannot continue. Would you like to buy more Licenses?

If YES, browse to:

If NO, halt the Server.

Registry key to stop the message popup:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Quantum Tech, Inc.\RBSServer\Settings\ShowMsgCB

Values : 0 or 1 (Default Value is 0)

New Feature: New Option provided to store the Email Notification settings (WMail.ini, EmailSettings.ini) in specific account folders, if the UseAccount registry key value is True. This is turned on if you have the Multitenant Edition of the Web Manager.

New Feature: When the serial number activation failed, the user will get a new message: "Are you moving the RBackup Server from another computer?" with Yes/No button.

Clicking on YES, The user will be redirected to the URL ( ).

Fix: RBS Server sometimes fails to send Failure Email notification. FIXED

Partner's Portal

New Feature: Added Comments icon that will allow the service providers view the comments in the Public download area.

New Feature: Added an option in the Partner Portal to build client installers with Registration wizard. Added a switch for Use Registration Wizard

New Feature: Added the ability to assign Account Group Number to the installers built in Customize Client Installer's Options tab.

New Feature: Added Build Installer Button to Backup Sets tab.

New Feature: Trial warning messages can now be customized on the Portal.

Fix: Partner Portal preview not working properly in Google Chrome.

Fix: Customize Installer's temp folders and files are not deleted from portal private path after building installers.

RBackup11.09.001July 2 2013
Web Manager11.09.001July 2 2013
E-Commerce PlugIn11.09.001July 2 2013

(Web PlugIns Change Log is Here)

This release adds a new End of Trial Account email notification and new features for VSS support of huge files. It also contains updated components to support the latest Windows updates, and some fixes.

RBackup Client

New VSS Control File - We added support for a new control file called vssmanual.ini to address problems that sometimes happen when backing up huge files that are locked by their applications, especially Outlook and Quickbooks files. Vssmanual.ini is a text file in INI format, as below. It may not be present in all installations, but it can be added manually on advise of RBS Tech Support.


New Trial Ended Message - The Client software now provides a popup message that displays at the end of a trial period. It contains two messages - a notice that the trial account has expired, and a link to sign up for a live account. These two messages are defined in the file clsetup.ini. Add the following section:

Trial_Message="Your trial account has expired. To sign up for a paid account, click the following link."

Fix: SQL BitBackup Sending Full File - Sometimes when backing up SQL Server using BitBackup mode, the Client would send the full file every time. This has been corrected.

Fix: Default folder selection missing in Personal Edition - This has been corrected.

Fix: Estimator error message - The built-in estimator would sometimes display an incorrect error message. Fixed.

Fix: Enhancements to "Resume Backup" - Corrected some problems resuming file selection and transfer after manual pause.

Fix: Issues with Delete Files from Server - Especially in old backup sets created with v11.5 and earlier. Resolved.

Fix: Opening in System Tray - Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Client to refuse to open from the system tray after an upgrade.

Fix: File View License Error - Fixed an issue causing a File View License Error to display in rare cases.

Fix: Deleting from Client Catalog - In rare cases Delete Files from Server does not remove the files from client the catalogue even though the files are deleted from RBS Server.

RBS Server and RBS Manager

New Email Notification - Trial Expired - Added a new class of email notification called "Trial Expired." This is sent at the end of a trial period.

Fix: SMTP Time Outs - Changes made in Email notifications to handle portal SMTP time out issues.

Fix: Incorrect SMTP Redirect - After upgrade SMTP settings are missing and Server details revert to the Partner Portal's SMTP service.

Fix: Incorrect default Trial Days - Sometimes the RBS Manager changes the trial days to default value in spite of customer changing the trial days.

RBackup11.09.000May 22 2013
Web Manager11.09.000May 22 2013
E-Commerce PlugIn11.09.000May 22 2013

We are super excited about this release, and we think you will be, too. We have streamlined the Client and Server, and have added new features. Our new Partner's Portal integrates seamlessly with v11.9 to support new features like:

  • Code Signing for your Installers
  • New branding options
  • An online graphics conversion tool
  • FREE SMTP mail service for sending your EMail Notifications
  • FREE file sharing service with 2GB of free storage
  • FREE hosting for your installers
  • FREE hosting and management for your automatic Client upgrades
  • ...and more.
  • Partner's Portal - The Partner's Portal opens today, and is available to anyone with an active Maintenance Subscription. For more info see the Knowledge Base.


    New: More information added to Delete Log (location and detailed error if any)

    New: More information added to Restore log (location and detailed error, if any)

    New Feature: "Location" Filter added to Delete Interface. This allows you to specifically search and delete files from the backedup location. Drop down values are "All/Local /Cloud /Server." Files are listed in the Delete interface, based on the drop down value.

    New Feature: "Location" Filter added to Restore Interface. This allows you to specifically search and restore files from the backup location. Drop down values are "All/Local /Cloud /Server." Files are listed in the Restore interface, based on the drop down value.

    Fix: Delete files from server sometimes loops if the file is already removed from the backup location manually. Added missing files information in the log file (Delete Log_ "timestamp").

    Fix: Rbclient sometimes hangs on restore interface if the file is not available in a specific location (Server, local, cloud). Added missing files information in the log file (Restorelog_"time stamp".)

    Fix: "Error: 13 Description:Type mismatching LoadQueues" with NoEncryption & NoCompression fixed.

    Fix: Sometimes SQL Plug-in perfoms a Full backup, ignoring the backup type.

    Fix: Sometimes duplicate database entries are added when the SQL root is selected.

    Fix: SQL plug-in backup (especially bit backup type) sometimes did not clear the temp folders.

    Fix: Sometimes Personal Edition locks were not updated properly.

    Fix: In some backup jobs, especially when the root drive is selected for backup, auto select identifies some file types which are not part of Include List.

    Fix: In rare cases temp files are not cleared after backup and restore.

    Fix: Directory junction files are handled separately and duplicate entries are removed during the scan process.

    Fix: Enhancements made to Exchange 2010 Mailbox Level agent to import mailboxs more efficiently. Multiple validity checks have been added.

    Fix: Timeout issues with Exchange 2010 mail box (especially with mailboxes more than 4GB) are handled with separate timers, you can increase the times as per the mail box size.

    Fix: Mode detailed Exchange backup information are added to backup log.

    Fix: Roll forward Threshold values added to SQL agent interface to initiate full SQL Database backup.

    RBS Server & Manager

    New Feature: Added a "Use Portal SMTP Service" feature to the EMail Notifications on the SMTP Setup tab. This allows the RBS Server to send emails through the new Partner's Portal's SMTP service. (available only with an active Maintenance Subscription.)

    Fix: Issues with RBS Server side restore and disk restore (with NO Encryption and No Compression) Is fixed.

    Fix: Rare cases of ENotify errors due to validation is fixed.

    Fix: Updates made to RBS Server license to handle license updated failures.

    Fix: Updates made to Remote Manage window to get the latest client settings.

    Fix: Issues in converting the Trial users to live is fixed, also Live users cannot be converted to Trial account.

    Fix: Rare issues of inaccurate reporting by ENotify fixed.

    Web Manager

    New: Admin and account group login are now made Multilingual.

    New: Admin can now set portal default language and can restrict users to default language.

    On the Admin Panel - Setup - Web manager setup - Other settings.

    "Default language" - Web manager admin can set portal default language.

    "Allow users to set language preferences" - check this option and select the languages that you want the customers to use.

    New : Language Translator is added to edit and change the text of all the pages. Multilingual module can now accept new languages and customers can edit and change the entire site.

    Login in to web manager Admin panel - Setup - Web manager setup - Other settings

    "Show language translator" - when this option is selected, the entire site (all the pages) will have a "Translate" button on the top right corner, which can be used to edit and translate the content of the page.

    Also, you can go to "Language translator" from Setup - Web manager Setup - Language translator.

    New: You can now add any number of new languages and translate all the pages. To add a new language, login to the web manager admin panel - Setup - Web manager - Setup - Language translator - "Add new language." Using the Language Translator you and now edit and translator all the pages to new language.

    Fix: "Unable to load settings" with Edit user page.

    Fix: Rare issue fixed "Unable to download client installer" while building new client installer.

    Fix: Minor design changes made in Web Manager Monitor page.

    Fix: Fixed Web manager reporter issues. All the reports are more organized and displayed in proper order.

    Fix: Minor aliment issues fixed in the web manager reports.

    RBackup11.07.008February 12 2013
    Web Manager11.07.008February 12 2013
    E-Commerce PlugIn11.07.008February 12 2013


    Fix: Upgrade issue that sometimes changed the Local Mirror Location and the Cloud Location back to default on upgrade.

    New: No Encryption/No Compression option added to both RBClient, the Restore Agents and the Scheduler. This option cannot be set of Backup Type is set to BitBackup. Backed up file names, will retain 32 characters from original file name. The rest of the filename will be a date/time stamp with the original file extension. These files can also be restored from the client interface. Note: Identical file names will be prefixed with numbers to avoid files being overwritten.

    New: Purge/Retention Settings for Local and Cloud Backup can be set separately.

    By default purge/retention settings will apply to files backed up to the RBS Server. With V.11.7.8 you can set each backup set to purge files "Only from RBS Server" or "All backed up locations". You can find these settings under "Advanced Backup schedule options."

    The default value is "Only Server," which will purge files from the RBS Server and reset the "server" bit in the backup location column in Catalog table.

    Also, you can set a global registry key to control all backup sets

    Registry Settings for all backup sets:

    Key Name : POServer

    Values: True/False

    True : Remove the file from server and reset the server bit on backup location column in Catalog table.

    False : Remove the file from all locations and remove the record from the catalog table.

    Fix: Minor multilingual issues with some of the Simple Interface screens. (Backup sets schedule / advanced options and some message boxes)

    Fix: Delete files from server would sometimes download files before removing from the RBS Server. Now files will be removed from the RBS Server and all locations.

    Fix: Excp: 58 (frmBackupSet.TransferSpecial. Excp: 58 File already exists) A rare error, fixed.

    Fix: Default / Native client registration and Key form are now multilingual.

    New: Restore interface now made multilingual.

    New: Delete interface is now multilingual.

    Fix: Some rare cases of Directory Junctions issues with latest Windows Servers is fixed.

    Fix: Exp: 13 Type mismatch on frmBackupSet.BCExchPSBackup.

    Fix: Fixed rare Sync exceptions messages.

    Fix: Fixed rare looping issues with "Delete files from server"

    Fix: Fixed log files update issue with purge module.

    Fix: Unable to create network share when temp path changed in Exchange 2010.

    Fix: Update to Delete progress window to make it similar to the Restore progress window.

    Fix: Removed "Blank" backup set from default client installer.

    Fix: Backup set creation "SAVE AS" menu selection failed to duplicate the backup location selections.

    Fix: Issues with purge, when all backup locations are enabled.

    Fix: Delete files from server was not removing files with particular retention settings.

    RBS Server

    New: Automatic Server migration request customers can now migrate licenses without Tech Support at

    New: RBS Server SQL conversion to SQL database is now built into the RBS Manager on the Tools menu. If you own the RBS Server SQL feature, then go to RBS Manager - Tools - Catalog Maintenance - Convert Database to SQL. You must manually install the MS SQL Server (Full or Express) and give details to the conversion wizard, which will covert the RBS Server from MS Access to MS SQL and copy all existing data to new SQL DB.

    New: New option for scheduled backup of SQL database is now on the RBS Manager's Tools menu.

    New: Account group quota can now be set to "Users Share Quota" or "Quota is Per User". When "Users Share Quota" is selected, all the clients in the account group will share the quota. When "Quota is Per User" is selected, the quota is applied to each individual client.

    New: Message prompt if the trial account usage limit exceeds 10 GB.

    New: Quota definition of "1 MB". can now be set by a registry key to either 1000 bytes or 1024 bytes.

    Registry Key : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Quantum Tech, Inc.\RBSServer\RBSMgr\ QuotaCon
    Values : 1000/1024
    Default Value : 1000

    New: No Encryption & No Compression option. is a part of custom client installer utility ( RBS manager - Tools - Customize client installer - Purge/Retention settings - "Advanced options")

    New: You can now configure the custom client installer to Prompt for local/cloud path (RBS manager - tools - Customize client installer- Advanced options - More Advanced options)

    Fix: Rare issues with Email notificaions ( Failed notifications ) fixed.

    Fix: Getting type Mismatch error on RBS Server Scheduler window (RBS Manager - Tools--Catalogue Maintenance--Schedule Backups).

    Fix: "ODBC SQL Driver error Invalid Object Name" error on RBS manager Tools--Catalog Maintenance--Schedule Backups after upgrading the server.

    Fix: Disk restore sometimes failed to restore files backed up using No Compression and No Encryption.

    RBackup11.07.003November 20 2012
    Web Manager11.07.003November 20 2012
    E-Commerce PlugIn11.07.003November 20 2012


    Fix: Restoring a file from local mirror sometimes deleted the file reference from the catalog.

    Fix: Escrow files were sometimes not deleted from client location (C:\Program File\Remote Backup) at the end of backups.

    Fix: New Delete files from server interface had 'Restoring files from...' during operation. Corrected this text.

    Fix: Corrected error 'Differential Integrity of the database failed, Performing FULL backup' while performing SQL DB plugin backup.(Unreleaesd version 11.7.2 only)

    Fix: Message Box at the end of backup to Local/Cloud/Copytodisc was not showing the destination location. Fixed the issue with both escrow file transfer and message box.

    New: Writes original file size of each file transferred during backup.

    Log Level - 1 - Detailed - Original file size
    Log Level - 2 - Verbose - Compressed file size

    New: Hardcoded folder name removed while choosing Local Mirror path. (unreleased v11.7.2 only)

    Fix: Added the missing forward slash(/) while creating the Local & Cloud backup location.

    Fix: Files not transferred to Copy-to-disk location when the backup location combination was set as Local Mirror/Cloud Location/Copy-to-Disk.

    Fixed the error: frmBackupset.transferspecial Excp 53 file not found while backup the files

    Fixed the error: frmBackupSet.TransferSpecial. Excp: 58 File already exists. (unreleased v11.7.2 only)

    Fix: Client upgrader sometimes reset the local and cloud path to default value.

    Fix: Copy to disk backup from simple interface backs up to RBS Server.

    Fix: If the destination path (Cloud or Local or both) is unavailable, the session & backup log file still showed files transferred.

    Fix: Client created 2x CB_ folder while changing the cloud backup path.

    Fix: Backup log showed Local Mirror while backing up to Cloud location.

    New: Backing up only to Local/Mirror location Prompts with message "Not Backing up to Server could limit restore ability of service provider".

    New: Added colon (:) in the backup log between log level.

    Fix: Delete files from server interface progress screen showed deleted percentage instead of restore percentage.

    New: Enabled restore and delete files from server option for filenames with single quote. Fixed the errors in the log files.

    Fix: Default prompt for loading marked files in delete files from server option was fixed.

    Fix: Files marked to delete show up in the restore interface as marked for deletion and Files marked to restore was showing up in the Delete files interface.

    Fix: Files marked for deletion/restore are not saved when opening the restore/Delete interface

    New: Cloud/local backup message box at the end of backup about the backup completion and backup location can be Enabled/disabled using the registry setting below:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Quantum Tech, Inc.\Remote Backup\Settings\CLMESG

    CLMESG = True - Message box pop up Enabled
    or CLMESG = False - Message box pop up Disabled(Default value)

    Fix: Unable to restore the files from local mirror. (rare cases)

    Documentation Change: By default client contacts RBS Server for authentication to restore files from Cloud/Mirror.

    "Override.ini" location = "Client install disk:\RestoreControlOverride\Override.ini"
    (If client is installed in C:\Drive, C:\RestoreControlOverride\Override.ini)

    To restore from Local Mirror Location, Override.ini should contain the following information:

    LocalPath=Local backup location

    To restore from Cloud Location Override.ini should contain the following information:

    CloudPath=Cloud backup location

    Fix: Fixed the window size issue while enabling the NetReady option in scheduler page.

    Fix: Prompt warning dialog box, while disabling local/cloud path globally. Message : Please disable local mirror option from following backup sets.

    RBS Server

    Fix: Even if the cloud option is disabled on RBS Server it was enabled on the client.

    Fix: If we lock the cloud option under client locks (Tools--Customize Client Installer) manually under client locks tab, this option is still available under Advanced tab.

    Fix: Unable to set quota for new user. Added text box to enter the desired quota for user and drop down for choosing between GB and MB. Quota value can also be set to unlimited.

    Fix: Quota Issue Not able to change the quota value on user details window.

    Fix: Quota Issue After upgrade the RBS server all the quota values changed to 0 (ZERO) on User Details and Accounts details window.

    Fix: If the Account group quota is set to 50 GB and the user quota is set to 49 GB, it was possible to change the account group quota to 30 GB, which was incorrect.

    Registry setting :
    Location : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Quantum Tech, Inc.\ RBSServer\RBSMgr
    String : QuotaCon
    Values : 1000 --> Default

    Fix: Cloud lock option is enabled for unavailable serial number on Customize Installer window, but in the client locks cloud is disabled (it shows correctly).

    RBackup11.07.000October 9 2012
    Web Manager11.07.000October 9 2012
    E-Commerce PlugIn11.07.000October 9 2012

    New Product

    Bare Metal Backup / Restore - RBSBMR is a fully automated LOCAL bare metal backup solution for Microsoft Windows systems that enables you to backup volumes or complete systems including the Operating System, applications and data with a single click. Restore instantly to any point-in-time within minutes. Your files, volumes or even complete systems can be recovered after any disaster. [more info here]


    RBackup Client and Server

    Cloud Services Support (Part of your Priority Maintenance Subscription) - The RBackup Client can now optionally do backups and restores using any 3rd party storage provider linked to a mapped folder or drive, like Google Drive. (This feature can be turned on and off by the RBS Partner.) Backups sent to Cloud Services are fully encrypted and compressed, making them secure and compliant, unlike most native backups for the same services.

    The RBackup Client can be set to use ONLY Cloud Services, while authenticating to the RBS Server before backups, keeping control of the backups with the RBS Partner. Restores from Cloud Services do not require RBS Server authentication.

    Redundant Hybrid Backup (RHB) - With this version we introduce a new feature - Redundant Hybrid Backup (RHB.) The RBackup Client software can now backup to up to three locations at once - the RBS Server, the Local Mirror, and Cloud Services. This allows for greatly redundant backups. If one backup location goes offline, the RBackup Client will still use the others for backup and restore, automatically.

    Delete Files Interface - We have added a new Delete Files from Server interface that has all the same file selection features as the Restore interface. It is much faster than the old interface and supports very long filenames. The new Delete Files function deletes from all selected RHB locations.

    SQL Conversion Utility - A rewritten SQL Server converter for the RBS Server is faster and now supports all operating systems supported by the RBS Server. The new utility requires installation of MS SQL 2005 or 2008, Express or Full version.

    Windows 8 Compatibility - All RBackup Server and Client applications are compatible with Windows 8.

    Windows Server 2012 Compatibility - All RBackup Server and Client applications are compatible with Windows Server 2012.

    RBackup Version 11.05.008 - Maintenance Release
    Release Date: May 23 2012

    RBackup Client and Server

    Compression module update - Compression module updated to latest version, which enhances handling larger files.

    Copy to disk can be initiated from command prompt.

    Command line for copy to disk:

    [rbClient.exe path] run

    Note : copy to disk should be already set for this backup set ( Client - Scheduler - Copy to disk)


    [rbClient.exe path] runc2d$$[BackupSetName]$$[copy-to-disk path]

    Fix: Issue with mail level backup on Exchange 2003 and 2007 (Error occurred in creating exchange object -2146233036 Automation Error)

    Minor change in Rename Backup Set - When a backup set is renamed the popup window now defaults to current backup set name to make it more clear which backup set name is being changed.

    Fix: Fixed scheduler issue, which is seen rarely on windows 7 operating systems.

    Fix: Fixed Multilingual issues reported in Advanced and simple interface (German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, French (Canadian), Italian, Swedish)

    Fix: fixed issue with version number update in the client ( Registry and Add/Remove programs)

    RBackup Version 11.05.006
    Release Date: April 10 2012

    Added Exchange 2010 Brick Level Backup/Restore

    New Scan/Prep/Compression Engines. Faster file preparation.

    The new scan engine is enabled by default. However, there is a registry key to switch back to the old scan engines. To switch, set the following key to False.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quantum Tech, Inc.\Remote Backup\Settings
    "AltScanMethod" - REG_SZ - "False"

    The new engine works for FULL, INCREMENTAL and DIFFERENTIAL backup types. BITBACKUP is not yet migrated to the new scan engine, which by default uses the old scan engines.

    Support for Unicode filenames

    Support for file paths up to 259 characters.

    Full support for multi-processors. Automatically increases the number of threads per processor, resulting in faster file preparation (compression and encryption).

    A new registry key "TPC" can be set to a value between 1 and 5, which sets the number of "PREP" Threads per CORE (TPC). The default is 1. So, by default, if there are two cores per processor, the prep engine uses two threads.

    Ignores Folder Redirections and Junction Points. (Vista and above) This solves a memory issue on very large file scans.

    Overall improvements were made to backup speed on multi-core systems. Improvements were made in efficiency with better memory management

    Swedish (Svenska) language support added.

    Fix: Fixed an issue with editing/updating Backup Exclusions on the client.

    Fix: Send Diagnostics (client side) failed on some Operating systems. Send diagnostics can also be used as standalone application to send logs to tech support.

    Fixes - Integrity check for Exchange 2010 logs (DB Level backup).

    Since the location of all transaction logs is the same, the agent sometimes tries to perform integrity checks for the temporary transaction logs (with names like 'E0001tmp.log'.) The integrity checks for these temporary logs are not needed, so we provided an override to make the agent skip temporary logs where it finds the 'tmp' in the transaction log name.

    Setting the key "ExcludeTempLogs" to False will force integrity checks on temporary transactions logs that are named with 'tmp' indicating them as temporary logs. This will generate exceptions in the RBS log files. The default is set to "True" which excludes these temporary logs from integrity checks.

    Fix: Directory Junctions [OFA] - Fixed issues with backing up open files and locked files using VSS.

    Fix: SQL DB backup using client SQL agent fixed (Bit backup type).

    Fix: File Include/Exclude - Fixed issue with root folder selections on the client interface.

    Fix: Modified Date/Time & Fast Pick file selection criteria issue with bit backup type fixed.

    Fix: Discrepancies in the preparation size and transfer size shown in backup progress window.

    Fix : Fixed SQL Restore "Excp: 3200" fixed.

    Fix: Temp files used in SQL backup are now purged off after backup

    Fix: RBS Server email notifications minor validation error fixed.

    RBackup Server

    New Import Data Feature: Copy to disk data can be moved to clients root directory using the RBS Manager (RBS manager - Accounts - right-click user - Import Data.) Files on the source drive will be copied into the user's storage space and deleted from the source drive.

    RBackup Client BETA Version 11.04.000
    Release Date: December 6 2011

    This is a BETA TEST version. Use it in live production environments only at your own risk. This is ONLY the Client software. It is delivered as a single file called "cl1000.exe" which is a stand-alone Client. To test it, download and install this file. It will prompt you for the location of the Server, and other account information.

    This version has two new major features, a new language, and some minor fixes.

    Download the BETA documentation [here]

    Download the BETA Client software [here]

    1. New Scan/Prep Engine. (New scanning engine, encryption and compression modules)

  • Support for Unicode filename backup/restores
  • Support for file path greater than 255 char limit
  • Makes use of multi-processors/automatically increases number of threads/processor. Results in faster preparation (compression and encryption).

    (Note: Registry key "TPC" can be set to a value between 1 and 5, which sets the number of "PREP" Threads per CORE (TPC). Default 1. So, by default, if there are two core/processors, the prep engine uses two threads.)

  • Ignores Folder Redirections/Junction Points.
  • Solves memory usage issues on very large scans.

    Improves backup speed on multi-core systems, improves efficiency, better memory management, built-in support for Unicode and long filename/path support.

    Note - The new scan engine is enabled by default. However, there is a registry key to switch back to the old scan engines. To switch, set the following key to False.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quantum Tech, Inc.\Remote Backup\Settings "AltScanMethod" - REG_SZ - "False"
  • 2. Exchange 2010 Mailbox level support.

    Refer to Exchange Server 2010 Documentation [here].

    3. Swedish (svenska) language support added.


  • Fix: Fixed an issue with editing/updating Backup Exclusions on the client.
  • Fix: Send Diagnostics (client side) failed on some OS, fixed this.

    RBackup Version 11.02.009
    Release Date: September 7 2011

    Fixed an issue with Automation Error with Exchange Mailbox-Level backup with version 11.2.8.

    - Added new switch to Email Notifications program to change Subject to "Backup Failed due to Exceptions or Warnings", if there are any Exceptions or Warnings encountered during backup. (Default subject line when Exceptions or Warnings are encountered say, "Backup Successful/Finished (Warning: File Exceptions or Warnings encountered)".

    To make this switch, set the following registry key on the server (Stop the RBS Server application/service first) -

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quantum Tech, Inc.\RBSServer\ENotify:

    "SetExcpAsFailed" - REG_SZ - "True"

    Fixed a timeout issue during large Bitbackup restores (during base file download) in Restore module.

    Minor updates to Server and Client Installers.

    Minor Fix: Advanced interface incorrectly highlighted folders even though they are not specifically included. These folders had names that looked similar or was a subset to other folder names that were actually included.

    RBackup Version 11.02.008
    Release Date: August 23 2011

    This is a minor maintenance release. We recommend upgrading only if you are experiencing problems addressed below.

    Fixed an issue with very large restores using the Client application. Restores were sometimes slow over 500,000 files in a batch.

    Updates to the client to support SharePoint Server 2010.

    Minor fixes and updates for Windows SBS Server 2011.

    Minor fixes to Customize Client Installer utility.

    Fixed an issue with sending Test email when Email. Notifications are configured to use Account Group. (i.e. UseAccount registry is True)

    RBackup Version 11.02.006
    Release Date: April 5 2011

    This is a minor maintenance release. We recommend upgrading only if you are experiencing problems addressed below.

    (Client Only) An updated and enhanced VSS (Open files) Library module that solves issues with Exchange (Database-level) backup and Active Directory backups.

    Minor fixes to the Restore Agent installers.

    Minor updates to Simple Interface module.

    Version 11.02.005
    Release Date: March 14 2011

    This is an important maintenance release that also contains new features. We recommend upgrading both your Server and your Client software.

    NOTE: If you have upgraded your clients to v11.2.4, it is highly recommended that you upgrade them again to this version.

    Critical Update (Client) An updated and enhanced VSS (Open files) Library module that solve issues with multiple open files with same filename, and files with insufficient permissions.

    Fix: Error with Exchange VSS backup (Error: The requested object was a duplicate) fixed.

    Minor fixes to the Auto-Select filter with Advanced and Standard (simple) interface. (Sort issues and issues with multiple selections in the User-defined extensions)

    Minor fixes to the Customize Client Installer utility.

    New: Added Set Name field to the RBS Monitor that displays the backup set name of running backups. (Recommended by Service Providers)

    Minor fixes to the RBS Monitor.

    Disk Restore agent/Server side restore: Restore on very large file sets failed with memory leak on some systems. Fixed this problem.

    Disk Restore/Server side restore had compatibility issues with older version of client databases (Error: Error in executing restore query. No value given for one or more required parameters.) Fixed this.

    Version 11.02.004
    Release Date: February 8 2011

    This is an important maintenance release that also contains new features. We recommend upgrading your software.

    New Feature: New VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) Open files solution replaces the OFA (Open Files Agent) driver functionality in previous versions. This resolves all known issues with the older Open Files Agent.

    When open or locked files are encountered during backup, the Client software requests a VSS snapshot of these files. The VSS module temporarily copies these files to the "%Temp path location%\VSSTemp\" folder location. The client then prepares and transfers these files to the server. (Note: Because open or locked files are temporarily copied under the client's Temp Path location, make sure to redirect this location to a bigger drive, if needed).

  • The VSS solution is not supported on Windows 2000 and older versions.
  • OFA options under the Advanced tab of the Customize Client Installer are replaced with new options to enable/disable the VSS-based Open files solution. This is tied to a registry key on the client: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quantum Tech, Inc.\Remote Backup\Settings: "EnableVSS" (Value is True/False)
  • VSS based open files solution only works for files that are on local drives. Open/locked files on mapped or network drives will be reported as file exceptions.
  • On Client Upgrade: Existing clients that have OFA driver already installed will continue to use it. The client upgrade will NOT remove or uninstall this driver.
  • New Feature: Support for Italian language added.

    New Feature: BitBackup now checks for free space using the same threshold option as 'Temp Path' threshold. (Defined by the registry key: "FreeSpaceThreshold".) Exceptions are printed in the log for files that were skipped.

    Fix: Minor fixes to the Remote Management module.

    Fix: Client Installer corrected to not modify/overwrite registry keys with default values. (Also, execution of rbackup.reg is stopped on upgrade installation.)

    Version 11.02.000
    Release Date: December 15 2010

    This is a maintenance release that also contains new features. We are also releasing a new PlugIn and announcing some upcoming releases and new products.

    New Feature: Windows event logging now added to the RBackup Client and the Server software. This allows third party MSP software to monitor backup activity. Refer to the RBS Server documentation for more details.

    New Feature: Send Diagnostics on client (+ Enhanced for Server) New option available on client (simple/advanced), to send Diagnostic Reports to RBS Technical Support. This will eliminate the need to manually send logs and other reports to RBS for tech support. Just push the Send Diagnostics button. Refer to the RBS Server documentation for more details.

    New PlugIn: Brandable Online Estimator (Sold as a separate PlugIn) Post the Online Backup Estimator for download from your web site. It will estimate the size of a full backup and subsequent daily backups and the time required to send them to your Server, based on the current upload speed of the Internet connection. It scans the file system using Best Practices for Include and Exclude settings.

    Support for Hungarian and French Canadian languages added.

    Fix: Client locks were being reset incorrectly by client tokens sent from server (based on edition). Also, client locks that are not applicable to the client edition are now disabled to avoid confusion.

    Fix: System state restores sometimes failed during extraction when using the stand-alone agents.

    Fix: Bandwidth Throttling was not being updated properly via Remote Management.

    Fix: Local Mirror backup exceptions were not propagated to the Email Notifications. Corrected this to report failures.

    Fix: Decryption issue with Hebrew and Russian regional settings: Client catalog (backup.mdb) values were not being decrypted properly when the system was set to Hebrew/Russian regional settings.

    Fix, Web Restore Agent: Web Restore agent was not working correctly with key files created with Simple Interface of the client.

    Coming Soon...

    Target Date: RELEASED Feb 3, 2011 New Web Manager / E-Commerce Upgrade More Info...

    Target Date: 15 February 2011 Open Files Agent to be upgraded to support Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS)

    Target Date: 25 February 2011 Bare Metal Restore Utility More info...

    Version 11.001.006
    Release Date: August 9 2010

    This is a maintenance release that also contains new features.

    New Feature, Server: Enhanced 'ClientToken' feature to prevent use of one account by multiple Clients. New 'ClientToken' field added to server database to store the client footprint used during authentication. Token gets deleted on Uninstall.

    New Multilingual Features: Restore module, Backup Progress, Test Connection windows, and system tray modules are now multlingual. (Supported languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German)

    New Feature: Added option 'Language' under Settings in Simple/Standard Interface to switch language. Also added 'Language' option in Customize Client Installer under Advanced tab (More Advanced Options).

    New Feature: Client database (backup.mdb) migrated to Access 2003 format. This doubles the maximum catalog size. Note: Available for new installations only.

    Client Fix: Simple/Standard interface: SQL Server selections were not being stored properly if the entire 'SQL Server' node was selected.

    Client Fix: Minor fix with 'Start HelpDesk Session' menu option in client (Advanced Mode).

    Server: Fixed an issue with Bandwidth Throttling. Added a new method of bandwidth throttling. New Registry Key: "OverrideBufferSize" overrides the default Bandwidth Throttle feature. Value - False (default) or True to override the feature.

    Installer: Fixed Server installer to reinstall the RBS Server in service mode after upgrade.

    Version 11.001.004
    Release Date: July 8 2010

    This is a minor release to fix the following issues:

    The Test Connection and Backup Progress screen appeared black on some installations of Windows 2008 and Windows 7.

    The Personal and Desktop editions were not being set correctly on client install.

    Version 11.001.003
    Release Date: June 30, 2010

    This is a MAJOR RELEASE. It contains some core improvements important to your business. Service Providers with current maintenance subscriptions can download this release free of charge.

    We are also announcing two new PlugIns.

    The Web Manager is a standard feature with new purchases and pre-orders of RBackup v11, and RBackup v10 purchased after June 1 2010 with 25 Clients and more. Customers upgrading from RBackup v10 purchased prior to June 1 2010 can purchase the Web Manager separately.

    The E-Commerce PlugIn is not a standard feature, and can be purchased separately.

    Licensing System Changed from Users to "Credits" (and changed again from Credits to Licenses on 27 March 2014 because Credits was confusing) Version 10 and earlier licensed Client software by Users. Each installation of the Client software had all features activated, and used up one license. Version 11 changes this system, licensing Client software by "Credits" instead. This allows Service Providers to distribute Client software at 1/4 the previous cost.

    Installing Client software uses Credits on the server, depending on the edition of the Client software installed (see below.) The RBS Server manages recycling Credits the same way it does Users - deleting an account returns Credits to the available pool. This allows Service Providers to distribute far less expenses Client software, depending on their needs.

    RBS Servers will automatically be converted to the new Credits system upon installation of Version 11, and will receive 4 credits for every User license. For example, a 100-User system will become a 400-Credit system. The upgrade is seamless.

    Two New Client Editions Version 11 adds two new Client editions - Desktop and Personal, in addition to the existing Server Edition. All three Editions are built by the Customize client Installer simultaneously.

  • The Server Edition backs up Windows Servers. It uses 4 Credits. It has all available features turned ON, including unlimited Exchange mailboxes, SQL Server, System State, Active Directory, and Sharepoint.
  • The Desktop Edition backs up Windows desktop computers. It uses 2 credits. It has all features turned on except support for Exchange, Active Directory and Sharepoint.
  • The Personal Edition is for personal computers. It uses 1 credit. It has the following features turned off: Exchange, SQL Server, System State, Active Directory, Sharepoint, Bit Backup, Copy to Disk, Delete Files from Server, Advanced Interface, Mapped Drives, File Selection Interface, Multiple Backup Sets, Differential Backup, Keep Latest Version, Purge Files by Sets, and Local Mirror.
  • Free Trial Accounts Distribute free trial accounts without depleting your paid Credits. Each RBS Server will add up to 50% of its available Credits to be used for Trial accounts. For example, a 400-Credit version allows 400 Credits for live (paid) accounts, plus 200 Credits for free Trial accounts. You may distribute any Client Edition as a trial.

    Trial accounts are automatically suspended after a configurable 1 to 30 days. They are limited to a maximum of 10GB. Live accounts cannot be converted to Trial accounts. A Trial account can never have the same username as any previous Trial account. (To prevent abuse of trial accounts by end users.) At the end of the trial period a message displays on the Client computer, with a link to purchase an account. Trial Credits are added back to the Trial Credit pool.

    Bandwidth Throttling - Bandwidth usage for clients can be throttled using the Remote Management feature on the server. (Option is called Bandwidth (Bits/sec) under the Backup/Report Options on Remote Management.

    You can alternatively also set the Bandwidth usage by setting the following registry key on the client.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Quantum Tech, Inc.\Remote Backup\Settings:

    "BufferSize" - REG_SZ - "16384" (Value should be in Bytes)


    128Kbps = 128 * 1024 bps = (131072 bps) / 8 = 16384 Bytes.

    Fix: Attempt Window In some cases, the Attempt Window was not being set correctly for Scheduled jobs via Windows Task scheduler.

    Web Manager PlugIn [more info here...] (A standard feature with new purchases of v11. Available for separate purchase otherwise.) The new Web Manager PlugIn for the RBS Server moves most of the functions of the RBS Manager onto the web.

  • A graphical Executive Summary displays graphs and charts of critical data.
  • A live real-time monitor page showing the progress of end users' backups.
  • Add/Edit/Erase Account Groups and Users.
  • Display and print reports, and export to Excel: User Summary, User Sessions, User Quota, Disk Resources, Transactions, User Listing, Executive Summary, and Orders.
  • Customize Client Installer
  • Create and manage EMail Notifications: Successful Backup, Failed Backup, Missed Backup, Over Quota, New User (Service Provider), New User Welcome Message, Broadcast Email
  • Account Group login for Account Group Managers
  • Administrative login for Site Administrator
  • The Web Manager PlugIn requires Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0 or greater.

    The E-Commerce PlugIn [more info here...] (Not a standard feature. Available for separate purchase. Requires the Web Manager PlugIn.) The E-Commerce PlugIn is an integrated web based registration, billing, credit card processing, and software deployment system.

  • A built-in shopping cart designed especially for online backup services
  • Create and manage discount coupons.
  • Define service plans with a limited base quota, price, billing period, and Client editions.
  • Processes credit cards through, Payflow Pro, PayPal, and manual processing.
  • Deploy your Client software automatically on the web.
  • Fully integrated Recurring Billing
  • Integration with Paypal Express Checkout
  • Support for customer invoicing through Bill Me Later
  • Handy Orders screen for quickly viewing and managing new orders
  • A new website template that you can edit and use for your own business.
  • End User login allows end users to perform many functions: Change Plans, Web Restore, Disaster Recovery, Reinstall Software, Run Reports, and get help.
  • The E-Commerce PlugIn requires the Web Manager PlugIn, Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0 or greater, and an SSL certificate.

    RBackup version 10 Change Log

    Click Here for the RBackup version 10 Change Log

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