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Online Backup Software Downloads

RBackup Online Backup Software Downloads

Please read these instructions. Have your registered Email address and serial Number ready to log into the Partner's Portal. For Evaluation Software, please CLICK HERE.

We recommend you apply upgrades during RBS business hours (9-5 weekdays, US Central Time, and 9-5 BST for Europe) when you can have direct access to live Tech Support if needed.

Migrating your RBS Server to new hardware or VM? - PLEASE READ THIS FIRST! For the security of your clients' data, if you install an RBS Server on a different computer or VM without first uninstalling it from the original system it will not start on the new computer. [Read the Official Migration Procedure Here]

RBackup version 11.10.005 - Release Date September 22, 2014
What's new in this version? Click Here to find out.

Web Manager / E-Commerce PlugIns version 11.10.005 - Release Date September 22, 2014
What's new in this version? Click Here to find out.

Upgrade Help: How to Upgrade Server and Clients

Retired Versions: All versions older than v11.0.0 have been retired. Support is no longer offered for them other than the Knowledge Base.

These downloads are for registered users with active Maintenance Subscriptions. In order to use these downloads you must have purchased the software, and your Maintenance Subscription must be current.

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ: The initial installation of the Web Manager PlugIn must be done remotely by RBS technicians. It is not downloadable. We will contact you soon after your purchase to schedule the installation. Maintenance releases ARE downloadable. Each RBS Server MUST be upgraded using its own serial number. If you have several Servers, you must upgrade using each serial number.

To download your software fill in the spaces here. Enter the Email address we have on file for you, and the Serial Number of your RBS Server software. You can find your Serial number on your original invoice and on the HELP/ABOUT screens. Your download links will appear on the next page.


Your Registered Email address and Serial Number are required.

Upgrade at the Partner's Portal. In the Portal, select the Software Updates menu option.

Download a Fully-Functional 15-Day Trial Version!

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