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RBS Virtual Hosting - Customization and Branding

Let us worry about the servers while you concentrate on making sales!

RBS Virtual Hosting is an alternative to purchasing your own hardware and software to operate an Online Backup service. You distribute a white-label version of our industry leading Remote Backup Client software to your customers, and they back up to RBS' data centers. You maintain your own customer relationships, determine your own end-user pricing, and distribute software with your own branding.

The software you distribute to your clients can be customized and branded to a very high level. You can change file selections, and almost completely change the way your software works. You can make it look and act like your own software.

You might want to offer several service plans at different prices, which have different amounts of storage space, or different default settings. The file inclusion/exclusion rules, schedules, disk space quotas, and dozens of other attributes can be set to create software for your different plans, as in the following examples. (Prices are only for demonstration purposes, and in no way reflect market prices. You can charge whatever you like.)

Personal Plan ($19.95/month) Twice-weekly backups of the Documents and Settings folders, including Microsoft Office documents, and excluding music and video files on a single computer. This plan comes with 2 GB of storage space. Files are kept for 30 days, then rotated off the Server, oldest files first. Customers have no control over file selections or scheduling.

Professional Plan ($39.99/month) Daily backups of all MS Office documents and common accounting programs on a single computer. Customers have full control over file selections, but not scheduling. Comes with 5 GB of storage space. Files are kept for 90 days. Includes daily emails of backup and storage space status.

Small Office Plan ($89.99/month) Daily backups of all files on up to 5 computers, except for a list of file types like Windows System files, .ZIP files, .EXE files, files in certain folders, temporary files, etc. Customers can select their own files to include and exclude. Comes with 15 GB of storage space. Files are kept for 120 days. Includes daily emails of backup and storage space status.

Medium Office Plan ($199.99/month) Daily backups of 1 Windows Server and 5 workstations. Includes backups of MS Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, System State, and all selected files, excluding all excluded files. Service Provider will install and set up the backups, and monitor them daily. Comes with 15 GB of storage space. Files are kept for 90 days. Includes daily emails of backup and storage space status.

Vertical Market Plan ($99.99/month) Daily backups of your Dental Office data (or Restaurant data, or body shop data, etc.) Backs up only the data files associated with your practice management system (or restaurant terminals, etc.) Keeps files for six months. Comes with 15 GB of storage space. Includes daily emails of backup and storage space status.

Your Virtual Hosting account gives you the freedom to define your own plans by mixing and matching dozens of available attributes including the most popular, listed below. There are others that RBS engineers might suggest to you after we learn how you want to use your software.

  • Add your company name
  • Change the name of the software
  • Change titles of the Shortcuts
  • Change the name of the Program Folder
  • Change URL of the Add/Remove Programs
  • Set Backup Set schedule defaults
  • Set File Retention Policy
  • Set the Encryption Method
  • Set the Compression Level
  • Set the Transfer Verification Method
  • Set Processing Priority
  • Turn ON/OFF various installation prompts
  • Change text in the Client Installer
  • Customize the Add/Remove Programs info
  • Add a menu option to the Help menu
  • Customize the default installation directory
  • Add your End User License Agreement
  • Customize the text in the Print Key form
  • Lock out parts of the Client's functionality
  • Pre-select file sets to back up (by file type)
  • Define Autoselect file sets
  • Set Client to Silent Installation
  • Configure the Client Updater
  • Change user prompt levels
  • Enable/Disable Desktop Shortcut
  • Enable/Disable Installation Progress Screens
  • Enable/Disable Welcome Screen
  • Enable/Disable Startup Shortcut
  • Force a reboot at end of installation
  • Enable/Disable Install as a Service by default
  • Enable/Disable Pause Mode
  • Add/Remove certain menu choices
  • Change graphics (Advanced Customization)
  • There are two options for customization:

  • Standard customization - Do it yourself. This is included with Virtual Hosting Accounts. You can change most of the customization features yourself through the web-based Virtual Hosting Portal. At the present time, graphics must be customized by RBS with Advanced Customization.

  • Advanced Customization - An RBS technician will interview you, answer questions about any customizable feature, and customize your software for you. This includes advice about setting up service plans and charges (although we will not tell you what to charge), and also includes customizing your software with your own graphics and icons. You must supply your own graphics in the proper size and format.
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