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I installed it last night and within 20 minutes I was ready to back up a client computer! It was painless. All documentation is very thorough. - F.A. Dunedin, FL

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RBS Virtual Hosting - Sign Up

Let us worry about the servers while you concentrate on making sales!

RBS Virtual Hosting is an alternative to purchasing your own hardware and software to operate an Online Backup service. You distribute a white-label version of our industry leading Remote Backup Client software to your customers, and they back up to RBS' data centers. You maintain your own customer relationships, determine your own end-user pricing.

How Billing Works

After you have paid for your Virtual Hosting account you will be given access to your Virtual Hosting Portal. There you can add and delete clients, and do many other tasks. You don't have to purchase client accounts in advance. Just add them as you need them, and delete them when you don't.

On the 15th of every month your credit card will be billed for the number of client licenses and storage space, calculated as native file size, you have used during the preceding 30 days, prorated daily. For example, if you use 15GB for 5 days on an RBackup Virtual Hosting account, you will be charged for 15GB for 5 days.

If you use a client license for 20 days, you will be charged for the use of the Client license for only 20 days out of the month. The minimum monthly purchase amount of $100 will be billed if your usage falls below the minimum, except for your first month when we waive the minimum fee. During your first month you will be charged only for client licenses and storage space.

Virtual Hosting Setup and Graphics Customization ($500) - We will install the graphics that you supply. Graphics that can be changed include: The Welcome screen, Splash screen, caption graphic (upper left corner of all screens), the shortcut graphics (desktop), system tray icon, Add/Remove Programs icon, and the program icon (displays in Windows Explorer). Graphics must be submitted in specific formats and sizes, which will be emailed to you.

What is the difference between Mercury and RBackup? We have written an article that explains the difference between our two core products. Click here to view it.

Client Licenses ($1.50/month) Virtual Hosting accounts have access to an unlimited number of client licenses. Just add them as you need them.

Storage Fee Storage fees are billed per gigabyte of native file size (the file size on your customers' computers) for the total of all your clients on a sliding scale according to the following table.

Wholesale Storage Space Prices (per GB)

Storage Used (GB)MercuryRBackup
25 GB$0.40$1.50
50 GB$0.35$1.10
100 GB$0.32$0.90
500 GB$0.30$0.75
1 TB GB$0.28$0.60
5 TB$0.26$0.50
10 TB +$0.24$0.40


  • Example 1 - An RBackup account with 23 Clients using a total of 24GB pays $100/month (the minimum charge). The retail price is $49 per client, which makes this account a net profit of $1027 per month.

  • Example 2 - An RBackup account with 54 Clients using a total of 120GB pays $189/month. (54 x $1.50 = $81 plus 120 x $0.90 = $108) The retail price is set at $89 per client, which makes this account a net profit of $4617 per month.

  • Example 3 - An RBackup account with 255 Clients using a total of 500GB pays $757.50/month. (255 x $1.50 = $382.5 plus 500GB x $0.75 = $375) The retail price is $49 per client, which makes this account a net profit of $11,737.50 per month.

  • Example 4 - A Mercury account with 100 Clients using a total of 250GB pays $230.00/month. (100 x $1.50 = $150.00 plus 250GB x $0.32 = $80) The retail price is $19 per client, which makes this account a net profit of $1,670 per month.

  • Example 5 - A Mercury account with 1024 Clients using a total of 5.25TB pays $2901.00/month. (1024 x $1.50 = $1536 plus 5250GB x $0.26 = $1365) The retail price is $4.95 per client, which makes this account a net profit of $2,167.80 per month.

  • Example 6 - A Mercury account with 1024 Clients using a total of 5.25TB pays $2901.00/month. (1024 x $1.50 = $1536 plus 5250GB x $0.26 = $1365) The retail price is $7.95 per client, which makes this account a net profit of $5,239.80 per month.
  • Special Consulting ($250/hr) Includes consultations with an RBS engineer who can help you design the best features and branding for your business model. Also includes help setting up a Merchant Account and Shopping Cart through

    Get Started Now!

    More Virtual Hosting Information
    Please contact RBS Sales to discuss your specific needs at (901) 405-1234.

    What is Virtual Hosting?
    Customizing and Branding your Software
    About the Virtual Hosting Management Portal
    Linking with your Web Site or Shopping Cart
    Virtual Hosting FAQ
    Sign up for Virtual Hosting.

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